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Data Analysis & Lending Solutions

Our product data analysis enables instant comparison across all buyer/product types and splits by different loan to values. The report is configurable to specific lender panels and can be run against criteria of your choice.

Enabling lenders to ascertain competitiveness of current and future product ranges, ensuring their product range is positioned appropriately to meet strategic targets.

"The daily reports we receive from Mortgage Brain provide us with vital insight on the constant fluctuations which influence our competitive positioning in the mortgage market. We've worked closely with Peter and his team to tailor the information to our exact needs and the data we receive each day is scrutinised closely by our mortgage team. A keen awareness of how our rates are sourcing against our key competitors is an essential part of good product management whilst the reports also help provide sound rationale for commercial decisions such as rate changes or product withdrawals. As Mortgage Product Managers, our job would be much harder without the data supplied by the team at Mortgage Brain."

Data Analysis