New website offers insight into lead generation

Mortgage Brain, the market leading mortgage technology solutions provider, has launched a new website for its Broker 2 Consumer ‘Insight’ product and support service range.

The new site, (, features a range of easily accessible product solutions and downloads designed to give brokers and IFAs all the tools and support they need to create a professional online presence and increase their sales potential by targeting consumers directly.

A host of broker and IFA specific website design solutions are available, which can be fully customised and include a number of whole-of-market mortgage calculators, Best Buy Tables and a comprehensive consumer facing mortgage sourcing capability.

The site also offers a range of lead generation website plug-ins and specialist solutions for brokers and IFA firms that already have a website as well as a free mortgage marketing e-booklet, which offers a detailed insight and a number of tips to generate better leads and sales results.

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Mortgage product numbers stabilised

The number of mortgage products available to UK mortgage intermediaries has stabilised with data from Mortgage Brain’s latest Monthly Product Analysis showing marginal change in overall availability during the past six months.

Compared to the start of July 2011, the total number of live mortgage schemes listed on its market leading mortgage sourcing system has increased by just 6% (an additional 759 new products) indicating a reasonably slow and steady stabilisation in product movement in the UK intermediary mortgage market.

An analysis of the industry’s three main mortgage types further supports this with Fixed rate products showing a mere 2% drop in overall availability since July 2011. A 4% increase in Trackers has seen their availability rise slightly over the same period from 3,237 to 3,378 as of 2nd January 2012.

Variable rate products, however, whilst representing the least number of mortgage products, have shown the strongest performance over the past six months – increasing by 50% from 1,500 on 4th July 2011 to now stand at 2,252.

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Why 2012 is set to be the year of the mortgage app

By Mark Lofthouse, Chief executive officer, Mortgage Brain

Mortgage technology has come a long way in a short time. After many years when it trailed other sectors of the financial services industry such as life and pensions, the mortgage industry is now leading the way when it comes to embracing, adopting, implementing and securing real and tangible benefits from technology.

Like so many high-tech ways of doing business, when mortgage technology was first introduced it was greeted with a certain amount of scepticism. Now, the industry simply couldn’t do without it.

For 2012, we can expect continued improvements in existing technology and greater adoption, as well as a few innovations.

But first, let’s look at existing technology – point-of-sale and client relationship management systems have already become one of the most important technological aids for brokers.

Not only do they help to streamline lengthy sales and admin processes, and enable brokers to increase their sales and customer retention and minimise the time spent on back office duties, but they can also help with an increasingly tough regulatory regime.

Financial services are very much in the public eye at the moment, and Treating Customers Fairly and other compliance requirements will be vigorously enforced in 2012.

To meet these needs, these systems will continue to be enhanced and developed to help brokers stay on the right side of the Financial Services Authority and up their turnover.

2012 will also see an increase in systems’ integration between service and product providers. This has already begun, but over the next 12 months it will be developed further to create an even faster and slicker support service for brokers.

At the moment, lots of different platforms and systems are used independently and even where integrations exist surprisingly many aren’t used. 2012 will see us move towards a situation where more and more systems are integrated and interlinked.

But probably the most exciting development of the next 12 months, will be in the field of fast moving mobile apps and hand held technology.

Consumers are demanding to do more and more on the go and while many in the industry are launching apps which customers can use to source financial products and services, including mortgages the majority are content light.

We announced at the Mortgage Expo in November that we would be launching a consumer facing mobile app early in 2012.

The app has been developed with brokers in mind and will allow consumers to conduct high level mortgage searches – of intermediary products only – use a range of mortgage calculators, and then, through the Find a Broker feature, use GPS to show the ten nearest brokers. Participation is free to all brokers that use Mortgage Brain and leads are sent through free of charge.

In short, 2012 looks set to be another big year for mortgage technology – brokers will benefit from it and customers are demanding it.

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Three great reasons why you need B2C!

New from MortgageBrain B2C the ‘insight’ Solutions Service enables Mortgage Brokers and IFA’s to have a professional online presence.

Embrace your potential and current customers online by using any of the ‘insight’ Tools – websites, online sourcing and best buy tables to enhance and deliver your business on the internet it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

B2C offer great prices but more importantly great service support with flexible options on what you need. We customise and make your choices easy and do all the hard work for you. You have choices to make, take the B2C options that will make your online presence more professional.

MortgageBrain B2C… helping your business work harder for you.

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