How effective is your website?


Your website is an essential tool in selling your services as a Mortgage Advisor and growing and engaging with existing and potential customers. A website helps new customers find you and advertises what you can offer. You can use it to keep customers informed, improve your customer care and provide leads, all very cost effectively.

1. Always open

Your web site is open 24/7 so your customers can interact with your business when it’s convenient for them. Your clients can find what they need without having to stop, call, and ask. Your website can provide them with options to fill in a form, sign up for a newsletter, read your blog, book an appointment online or reading customer reviews, all in their own time.

2. Engage with your customers

Keep in touch with your customers and stay in the minds of prospective ones with regular content. It’s much easier to sell to customers who already know and trust you, so keep sharing content and keep in the top of their minds. Regular email newsletters and updates on your website will help you better communicate with your customers. Social Media also provides a good opportunity to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

3. Share your expertise

It’s not enough to provide just information about your products and services. Your expert advice may give you the edge over the competition. A website is your opportunity to sell yourself and tell your customer why they should choose you as their Mortgage Advisor.

4. Increase your customer reach

A website is a great way to increase your customer base. If you don’t have a well placed website someone else will get your business. Your website puts your business out there to be found by anyone anywhere who is already looking for what you offer. There are a number of companies that offer templates for you to choose from, to ensure you have the most effective website to increase your customer base.

MortgageBrain B2C is a professionally administered service dedicated to creating new or perfecting existing websites to represent you and your company. Read some of our customer reviews.

 Our service provides you with:

  • A range of fully customisable website templates
  • Editable content – you decide and we create
  • Mortgage Calculators are available
  • Links to your Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media accounts
  • Online retrieval of leads generated from your site
  • Specialist plug-ins, approved by Networks
    • Mortgage search –
      works from your lender panel
    • Best buy tables


How important is a good CRM system for Mortgage Advisors?

A good CRM system

The benefits of a lead management, easy to use and professional customer relationship management (CRM) software is vital to mortgage advisors operating in the mortgage industry today.

With the use of an effective and reliable CRM software solution, mortgage advisors can quickly take advantage of many benefits offered by high-end technology. Providing your clients with an outstanding customer experience will provide you with a competitive edge against other advisors, no matter how large or small your mortgage advisory is. Having accurate customer and prospect contact information will allow you to covert leads into clients.

Here are four important factors any good CRM system will provide, allowing you to ensure you develop effective and meaningful relationships with your clients, increasing your competitive edge and profitability:

1. Managing Sales and Leads
When it comes to managing sales leads, having a CRM solution that can guide you through the conversion and retention phase is very important. Ensuring your leads are at the point of looking for a mortgage and eligible will ensure they are worth your time an effort.

A complete CRM solution will allow you to get out there and find the right customers for your business. As sales are a vital part of your company’s strategy, you cannot just wait for potential customers to come to you. By keeping track of your potential leads and by finding new ways to improve your relationship with them, your business will automatically improve.

2. Compliance
Promote compliance in all borrower communications. An effective CRM solution will help lenders demonstrate how they have met compliance. The correct technology will enable lenders to be pro-active in their compliance monitoring and the production of management information. Evidence and trails for the whole process need to be accessible for recording and audit purposes.

3. Sales Lead Tracking
An effective mortgage CRM software makes it very easy to keep all your leads in one place, allowing for easy management and hassle-free prioritising. Tracking leads and adding new customers will be simple with the introduction of a good CRM system. Leaving you to spend your time on guaranteed leads.

4. Integration with other systems
A good CRM will allow integration with other back-office systems at your company. Make sure that you can either integrate smoothly or import all information needed flawlessly.

The Key is a proven CRM system that will help increases your sales and help you ensure complete compliance control, with all of your data safely and securely backed up.

The Mortgage Advice Brokerage that has two Advisers based in their Glasgow office has been using the Key for a while. They commented “We use the full functionality of the Key to run our business back office and have now been paperless for over 6 years. This saves us a huge amount of time per case, allowing us to see more clients and look after them more efficiently. This has helped increase our turnover year on year.”

For £40 (plus VAT) per licence per month, the Key provides full integration and seamless compliance and processing and is integrated with MortgageBrain Classic or MortgageBrain Anywhere for your mortgage sourcing needs and the Mortgage Trading Exchange (MTE) for your mortgage application submission.

Mortgage Brain announced as the ‘Best technology Provider’ at the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2015.

For the fourth time in six years Mortgage Brain has been crowned ‘Best Technology Provider’ at the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2015, in London.

We were shortlisted for the sixth successive year and emerged as winners for the fourth time as the ‘Best Technology Provider’, having excelled in the criteria set by a judging panel of high-level industry experts.
This year, we were up against a strong group of finalists from IRESS, Revolution, True Potential, ULS Group and Vizolution, but the judging panel recognised our systems and services supplied to the mortgage industry as a cut above the rest. The award was first introduced in 2010 for the providers of technology to the mortgage industry and every year we have been strong contenders and either shortlisted or winners.
Bob Jose, Sales Director of Mortgage Brain who collected the award on behalf of the company at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, said “To win this award once is a fantastic achievement; to win it four times is absolutely amazing and is a great testament to the continuous hard work, commitment and dedication from all of the team at Mortgage Brain.”
“The award is proof that we continue to support mortgage advisers, Lenders and Corporates with the very best technology solutions. We intend to continue inspiring and supporting business through our desire and strategy to provide our customers with the best, innovative and fully integrated products.”
You can watch us scooping our award, live on the night here on our Mortgage Brain YouTube Channel.