Spotlight on Chris Brown – 10 things you didn’t know about Chris

Chris Brown, Mortgage Brain

Chris Brown was recently appointed as one of our new National Account Managers. Chris, has worked as part of Mortgage Brain’s Lender Account team since 2011, is joining the Corporate Account Management team under the leadership of Sales Director, Bob Jose.

He will be responsible for building new relationships with national mortgage networks, broker firms and mortgage clubs, helping to improve sales processes and enhance compliance support through the use of Mortgage Brain’s suite of market leading technology solutions.

So we thought this month we’d put the spotlight on Chris and find out 10 things you didn’t knew about Chris:

1. What was your first job?

1st job in finance was working on the Fraud department at a Finance House who provided instant credit for a number of high Street retailers. 

2. If you could pick one theme for Mortgage Brain to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

It would have to be the Mortgage Vision events which turn into a gastronomic tour of the world as one year we ate in a Mongolian restaurant! 

3. If you could switch your job with anyone else within Mortgage Brain, whose job would you want? 

As I have just moved into this role it is a little too early to be considering the next step however I suppose Sales director (Bob) would be logical.

4. What is the favourite part about working for Mortgage Brain?  

I think the culture within Mortgage Brain which is a welcoming and supportive working environment.

5. What is your best moment at Mortgage Brain? 

There have been a number of highs working for Mortgage Brain but the promotion to the NAM role is the main one.

6. What do you find the most challenging at Mortgage Brain?  

Keeping up with the pace of change as we are constantly evolving our software

7. Any random facts you could share with us? 

The number 4. The number of times Mortgage Brain has won Best Technology provider in the last 6 years.

8. If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Too many to mention, but I enjoy anything with Chorizo in!

9. Are you messy or organised? 

My wife would say I am messy, I would say organised.

10. You’re happiest when? 

I am in Spain with the family and sat on the balcony of our apartment with an ice cold San Miguel.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Chris a bit better. Look out for our next spotlight on someone in our Mortgage Brain family.