Love Your Customer campaign: sharing the love

February may be a short month but we know it’s going to be a big one!  We’re bringing back our favourite campaign – ‘Love Your Customer’ from last year, tying in closely with Valentine’s Day and celebrating the loyalty of our customers.

To get involved and understand more about what this fantastic campaign entails, read on and find out how we’re sharing our love customer loyalty.

The ‘Love Your Customer’ Charity Competition

Firstly, we will be running a competition from 3-13th February at 11:59 pm and the prize draw winner will be picked at random and announced on 14th February, Valentine’s Day!

You can take part in the prize draw by simply answering one multiple choice question. Then you will be automatically entered into a prize draw for £50 worth of Amazon or M&S vouchers.

With every entry made, Mortgage Brain will donate £5 to the winners’ charity of choice. The more people that take part the more money the charity receives. Don’t be afraid to share this with colleagues and friends and help spread the love.

On social media, we will be sharing the #LoveYourCustomer messages and promoting customers to share and take part in the competition to donate more money to charity. Our sales team will be visiting clients across the country throughout the month and gifting them with Thornton’s chocolates to say thank you for choosing Mortgage Brain. Check out all the activity using #LoveYourCustomer on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What more can you do for your customers?

It’s an important aspect of our culture to do the most that we can for customers. It’s important to us that you are aware of how you can use our software to support your customers compliantly, efficiently and transparently. Many of our solutions are aimed at our customer’s customer. For example, you can get the best results and inspire increased loyalty by using The Key’s Client Portal.

Customising the Client Portal to match your branding creates a professional look and feel, and will give not only an excellent first impression but a lasting impression too. Your customers want to know that they’re working with someone professional and reputable.

Using the Client Portal properly can save you up to an hour per case – and, with the average adviser completing six cases per week, that’s almost a whole day you’re saving!

It’s competitive out there, but with the right tools and by showing how much you care, you will always provide a better customer experience that you can be proud of. Whether you’re new to Mortgage Brain or a long-term customer, you all deserve a thank you because sharing is caring.

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