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Promoting your business online – Website Best Practice

In business, as in life, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. That relates to every customer-facing aspect of your business, including your website, especially as physical contact is currently limited making it even more likely to be the first interaction for a potential customer considering utilising the services of your company.

Before making a commitment, such as selecting a mortgage adviser, customers will first check out a company’s website to help them make an informed decision. Imagine your customer performed a search either to discover you don’t have a website, or they arrive to find a series of unattractive, unresponsive, hard to navigate pages. Is that going to encourage them to do business with your company? Probably not.

This makes it essential to position yourself online with a strong, professional reflection of your business that assures customers you are credible and provides the motivation to want to engage further with your business. Forbes claimed that it can be more damaging to have a bad website than no website at all! [1]

First impressions count

If your website is hard to navigate and not visually appealing, the chance to show your credibility and acquire a new client will be lost. In fact, 94% of first impressions are design-related[2] and it takes just 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the area of a website that most influences their first impression[3].

Indeed, your website does not get long to win over a customer. They will form that impression in less than a second. 50 milliseconds[4] to be exact, or the blink of an eye. And if they don’t like what they see, 89% will move on to your competitor’s website[5], so let’s look at what you can do to optimise it to help you attract and convert more prospects.


Hicks law states that the more choices a user has to make, the longer it will take them to make a decision[6]. Don’t clutter your homepage with too many products or services. Instead focus on the key messages of your company and decisions you want them to make, like following a call to action or filling out a contact form.


The old days, when all your information needed to be above the fold on your website are long gone. That led to many a homepage that was cluttered and hard to navigate. Now it is more important to use white (or negative) space between text, images, and headings to help create a natural flow to guide your users through your content and make it more digestible and accessible to them.

Clever use of whitespace and thoughtful design will give your website a more minimalist feel and make it more aesthetically pleasing to your users. In a similar way to whitespace, utilising colour contrast can help draw attention to elements on a page you want to highlight, like your logo, a call to action or important content.

Engagement and research

Design and functionality are key to gaining visitors but does your website engage users once they land on your homepage? You may find it easy to attract visitors to your site but if they can’t find relevant and useful content, they’ll move on.

For instance, users may come to your website looking for initial advice for a mortgage. If they arrive on your homepage and find they can scan relevant articles, search for best buys, or use a quick and simple mortgage calculator you will keep them on your website longer. Easy to use features and content bolsters the quality of their experience, engaging them and making them more likely to send an enquiry to generate a lead for your business.

Need help with your website?

Optimising your website might seem a little daunting, but Mortgage Brain is here to help. MortgageBrain B2C is a flexible and professional service that gives you a simple but impactful website to properly represent your company and attract visitors.

You can choose from a range of templates, add mortgage calculators or mortgage search and best buy plug-ins, edit your content to suit your needs, and retrieve leads generated from your site. We do all the hard work for you.

Our templates are designed to be eye-catching, easy to navigate, functional, responsive and engaging, so whether you want a totally new website or to freshen-up and enhance your existing one, our experts have the skills to make it work harder for your business and represent you in the best possible light.







Your guide to a summer of leads

We know, the smell of BBQ and freshly cut grass during the warmer months can make you want to sit back and let the summer float by. But remember, there’s still plenty of time for you to fill this season with a plethora of leads.

Whether you’re in the office or by the pool this summer, you can continue to generate leads by using some new tools and following a few of our handy tips. Your lead generation can turn into a real scorcher this summer with a little help from Mortgage Brain.

MortgageBrain B2C

Let’s start with your website. When generating leads, it’s important to consider how it looks, how mobile-friendly it is and how smart it is. That’s where MortgageBrain B2C comes in. Our professionally administered service dedicated to creating new or perfecting existing websites can aid in customising the look of your digital presence to increase the likelihood of lead generation.

This service not only allows a full integration of mortgage calculators, useful plugins but streamlines the process through online retrieval of any leads gained through the site. This allows for all leads to link directly to our own CRM system so the whole process becomes streamlined and easy to use. Generating leads has never been so easy.

Social media ads

The successes that have come for businesses by using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ads are numerous. These ads allow you to create a custom audience of people you may wish to target. However, you always need to take into account where your audience is and who they are. You don’t want to be pushing Facebook ads when the majority of your audience is on Twitter. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What platform your target audience is on?
  • Which products do you want to sell to them?
  • What are their interests?

Having a strong grasp of your target audience will most likely decrease your spend on advertising and give you the best results in terms of leads.

Learn more about Google Adwords

If you’ve got funds to focus on advertising, then Google Adwords may just be the perfect option for you in maximising your leads. The myriad of ads that Google offer will really allow you to hone in on who and where you want to target.

Understanding the purpose of the different types of ads will certainly help in passively gaining leads through Google’s advertising system. You goals can all be met depending on how far along the sales funnel your targets are going to be. It would definitely be our advice to continuously run a series of ads i.e. brand awareness, consideration, and conversion. Once these ads are in place, they can continue to run even when you’re out of office.


Wait, there’s more! Our guide to a summer of leads would not be complete without yet another easy-to-use option – UKMortgages. Our very own, and completely free-to-use, lead generation suite is compiled of a consumer-facing mortgage calculator & adviser search app, a website and an Amazon Echo Skill. The UKMortgages service is only for those customers that are already using our sourcing systems so make sure you sign up today so you can really reap the benefits. This Swiss-army mortgage tool offers a fantastic way for customers to get in touch with your business at any time. Just be sure that your business details are all available by filling in all appropriate information on our website.

So, once all these lead generators are put in place, you can really begin to enjoy the summer. Feel at ease knowing that even when the workday is done and you’re at home basking in the good weather, the leads will keep coming in. From everyone at Mortgage Brain, have a fantastic summer!

How to engage with website visitors to turn them into customers

Whether you consider yourself technically savvy or not, having a website in this day and age is not only key to generating new business but expected. It is the first thing that any prospective client will look for even if it is just for your contact details. Your website however is so much more, it is effectively your shop window; as the ‘shoppers’ peruse your site, wouldn’t it be great if they were to see something that captured their attention, kept it, and offered them something that they simply couldn’t resist. Surely you would like that website to be yours.

There are several steps you can take to make your website stand out from the crowd, as well as ensure you are promoting yourself as well as you can against your competition.

So, why is a website so important?

Your website presents your business online to the world. It is vital that you have a professional-looking regularly updated website to attract your website visitors, therefore potential customers.

People visiting a poorly designed website that takes a while to load are likely to go straight back to the search engine and choose someone else – and this is the last thing you want when business and new customers are so important.

Keep it simple

Your website could be your most lucrative marketing tool, so you should take several things into consideration when thinking about its design – or explaining to someone what type of website that you want.

A clean, straight-forward template is one of the first steps to ensure your website is a winning one. People don’t like clutter; they like to go onto a website and be able to instantly and intuitively know how to navigate to the information they require.

If your website has too many menus and a lot of text on the home page, it will be sure to put people off. Your homepage sells your business, and the menu should only include pages that offer useful information about your services that will help visitors learn about your services and you who are.

 Think about the add-ons

Providing general information about your services is vital, but it’s also highly beneficial to include additional tools to offer your visitors an opportunity to get engaged with your website. Broadly speaking, the more engaged your visitors are, the more likely they are to convert into paying customers.

Interactive Mortgage Search plug-in and the Best Buy Tables allow you to position yourself to your audience as a more credible and modern professional adviser and differentiate your website from others. You can find out more about how plug-ins work here.

These sort of plug-ins can also encourage visitors to fill in an enquiry form, so they become lead generators. You can then receive the visitors’ contact details in an encrypted email, so that all personal details remain secure. If you were to use Mortgage Brain’s plug-in and Best Buy Tables, then enquiries are pre-populated into the Key, our CRM system so that the leads form part of your usual compliant sales process.

Both of Mortgage Brain’s plug-ins are also mobile-friendly, so they will look and work well on any website being viewed on different devices, from a PC to a smartphone.

Get social

When people are looking for a service, many may turn to social media to get a feel for the company and see what they are posting. So adding buttons that link to your social media profiles on your website will allow people to quickly find you.

You must however be sure to keep your social media accounts regularly updated. Visitors are likely to be put off by a Twitter page that hasn’t seen any activity for several months, or a Facebook page with hardly any information about your business or what you do. Make sure you are posting content onto your pages or accounts each week to keep them fresh and engaging.

The perfect website?

A website doesn’t have to be perfect to convert customers. It just needs to be smart, efficient, and straight-to-the-point, preferably with add-ons such as our mobile-friendly plug-ins to give your visitors as reason to stay on and remember your website for long enough to encourage them to contact you and turn into paying clients.

Websites are all about capturing attention, and then engaging visitors enough to keep them there. Once you’ve cracked that, your business will start generating a lot more leads.

If you want to find out more about our MortgageBrain B2C offerings, go to the dedicated page on our website. You can also contact the team via Live Chat whilst you’re there, or tweet us if you want to find out more.