How to engage with website visitors to turn them into customers

Whether you consider yourself technically savvy or not, having a website in this day and age is not only key to generating new business but expected. It is the first thing that any prospective client will look for even if it is just for your contact details. Your website however is so much more, it is effectively your shop window; as the ‘shoppers’ peruse your site, wouldn’t it be great if they were to see something that captured their attention, kept it, and offered them something that they simply couldn’t resist. Surely you would like that website to be yours.

There are several steps you can take to make your website stand out from the crowd, as well as ensure you are promoting yourself as well as you can against your competition.

So, why is a website so important?

Your website presents your business online to the world. It is vital that you have a professional-looking regularly updated website to attract your website visitors, therefore potential customers.

People visiting a poorly designed website that takes a while to load are likely to go straight back to the search engine and choose someone else – and this is the last thing you want when business and new customers are so important.

Keep it simple

Your website could be your most lucrative marketing tool, so you should take several things into consideration when thinking about its design – or explaining to someone what type of website that you want.

A clean, straight-forward template is one of the first steps to ensure your website is a winning one. People don’t like clutter; they like to go onto a website and be able to instantly and intuitively know how to navigate to the information they require.

If your website has too many menus and a lot of text on the home page, it will be sure to put people off. Your homepage sells your business, and the menu should only include pages that offer useful information about your services that will help visitors learn about your services and you who are.

 Think about the add-ons

Providing general information about your services is vital, but it’s also highly beneficial to include additional tools to offer your visitors an opportunity to get engaged with your website. Broadly speaking, the more engaged your visitors are, the more likely they are to convert into paying customers.

Interactive Mortgage Search plug-in and the Best Buy Tables allow you to position yourself to your audience as a more credible and modern professional adviser and differentiate your website from others. You can find out more about how plug-ins work here.

These sort of plug-ins can also encourage visitors to fill in an enquiry form, so they become lead generators. You can then receive the visitors’ contact details in an encrypted email, so that all personal details remain secure. If you were to use Mortgage Brain’s plug-in and Best Buy Tables, then enquiries are pre-populated into the Key, our CRM system so that the leads form part of your usual compliant sales process.

Both of Mortgage Brain’s plug-ins are also mobile-friendly, so they will look and work well on any website being viewed on different devices, from a PC to a smartphone.

Get social

When people are looking for a service, many may turn to social media to get a feel for the company and see what they are posting. So adding buttons that link to your social media profiles on your website will allow people to quickly find you.

You must however be sure to keep your social media accounts regularly updated. Visitors are likely to be put off by a Twitter page that hasn’t seen any activity for several months, or a Facebook page with hardly any information about your business or what you do. Make sure you are posting content onto your pages or accounts each week to keep them fresh and engaging.

The perfect website?

A website doesn’t have to be perfect to convert customers. It just needs to be smart, efficient, and straight-to-the-point, preferably with add-ons such as our mobile-friendly plug-ins to give your visitors as reason to stay on and remember your website for long enough to encourage them to contact you and turn into paying clients.

Websites are all about capturing attention, and then engaging visitors enough to keep them there. Once you’ve cracked that, your business will start generating a lot more leads.

If you want to find out more about our MortgageBrain B2C offerings, go to the dedicated page on our website. You can also contact the team via Live Chat whilst you’re there, or tweet us if you want to find out more.

Could your website do with some “Pizzazz”?

Position your company to website visitors as professionally as you do when seeing them face to face with help from MortgageBrain B2C.

Give your website “Pizzazz” with a plug-in:

To attract customers your website needs to evolve and adding a new way of interacting with your customers with a plug-in in your website, gives you “Pizzazz”. Plus encourage your website visitors to complete an enquiry form and you then receive an email with their details via a data protected lead service.

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Are you a broker without a website? Or have one that needs a bit of Oomph?

We can help. We’ve been designing websites for the financial services sector for many years.

A Website is now as much part of a business as your email address and company name.

We all confess to ‘checking out’ items and companies online before committing, and your customers will be no different. Position your company to website visitors as professionally as you do when seeing them face to face with help from MortgageBrain B2C.

Why do you need to give your website “Oomph” with a plug-in?

To attract customers and to capture sales leads your website needs to evolve and adding a new way of interacting with your customers with a plug-in in your website, gives you Oomph.

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New website offers insight into lead generation

Mortgage Brain, the market leading mortgage technology solutions provider, has launched a new website for its Broker 2 Consumer ‘Insight’ product and support service range.

The new site, (, features a range of easily accessible product solutions and downloads designed to give brokers and IFAs all the tools and support they need to create a professional online presence and increase their sales potential by targeting consumers directly.

A host of broker and IFA specific website design solutions are available, which can be fully customised and include a number of whole-of-market mortgage calculators, Best Buy Tables and a comprehensive consumer facing mortgage sourcing capability.

The site also offers a range of lead generation website plug-ins and specialist solutions for brokers and IFA firms that already have a website as well as a free mortgage marketing e-booklet, which offers a detailed insight and a number of tips to generate better leads and sales results.

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Three great reasons why you need B2C!

New from MortgageBrain B2C the ‘insight’ Solutions Service enables Mortgage Brokers and IFA’s to have a professional online presence.

Embrace your potential and current customers online by using any of the ‘insight’ Tools – websites, online sourcing and best buy tables to enhance and deliver your business on the internet it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

B2C offer great prices but more importantly great service support with flexible options on what you need. We customise and make your choices easy and do all the hard work for you. You have choices to make, take the B2C options that will make your online presence more professional.

MortgageBrain B2C… helping your business work harder for you.

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Product availability soars throughout 2011

The number of mortgage products available to UK mortgage intermediaries has soared during the past 12 months, according to figures released from Mortgage Brain’s Monthly Product Analysis.

An 87% increase (over 6,500 new products) in product availability has been seen in the UK mortgage market during the past year, taking the total number of live mortgage schemes listed on its market leading mortgage sourcing system from 7,519 to 14,052, as of 5th December 2011.

Ten consecutive monthly increases played a key role in the rapid and substantial rise in product availability throughout 2011. Slight declines were seen in October and November; however, the overall yearly performance for 2011 has been the best in over three years when product availability dropped three times throughout the year in 2010 and five times throughout 2009.

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Ingard – Pulse Newsletter – December 2011

Welcome to the Christmas and final edition of the Pulse for 2011.

Who would’ve thought in January that at the end of the year Base Rate would still be at 0.5% and the Government would sell Northern Rock to Virgin Money at a loss of £400m?!

Some of the UK top lenders speaking at the recent Mortgage Business Expo in London predicted that interest rates will not increase until at least 2013. The mood at Expo was much more positive and upbeat than in the last few years. More exhibitors, particularly lenders were in attendance and keen to talk.

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The 2011 IT Benchmark Study

Frank Eve, managing director of Frank Eve Consulting, outlines the results of the annual Benchmark Study comparing lender online distribution and application processing technology.

Technology within the mortgage market has changed out of all recognition over the last decade. Ten years ago discussion revolved around whether brokers would ever complete application data online and how many actually owned a personal computer. Fast forward to today and all application data is keyed online, every lender operates automated decision and underwriting systems integrated with credit reference agencies to provide online in principle decisions, and all intermediaries have to have a personal computer and access to the internet.

During this time Frank Eve Consulting Limited has produced an annual Benchmark Study comparing lender online distribution and application processing technology. The study, in its 10th year, has become the industry’s definitive survey of mortgage distribution and automated underwriting technology.

The objectives of the study have remained the same over the years – to assess market conditions in the light of the industry’s ongoing technology requirements and set the standard for emerging best practice in lender intermediary technology, as well as assisting lenders in understanding their competitive positioning.

Over the last few years the study has expanded to obtain intermediary feedback on lender distribution technology. Three separate pieces of research were undertaken this year, which when combined provide a unique assessment of emerging best practice in intermediary distribution technology.

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Mortgage Brain set to acquire MortgageStream

Mortgage Brain, the market leading mortgage technology solutions provider, has announced that it has agreed the terms to acquire point-of-sale and case management provider, MortgageStream.

The acquisition, which is expected to be concluded within the next few months, will mean that MortgageStream’s customers will have direct access to multiple product channels including mortgage sourcing, e-trading, website provision plus a wide range of business partners offering cross sales opportunities.

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Your complimentary place at The Mortgage Event

In less than a month’s time, The Mortgage Event will travel to four different locations around the country – bringing the industry’s leading figures to a venue near you. Each programme is specifically tailored to address the current issues and concerns facing mortgage professionals in the area.

The Mortgage Event will be visiting:

• Bristol, Marriot City Centre – 7th December
• Reading, Royal Berkshire Conference Centre – 8th December
• Manchester, Hilton Manchester Airport – 14th December
• Durham, Radisson Blu Durham – 15th December

These concise morning events will include:

• Keynote addresses from acknowledged experts in the industry – and your chance to
question them directly.
• A combination of informative presentations and interactive Q&A sessions.
• The chance to network informally over a complimentary breakfast.
• The opportunity to claim 15 CPD points for attending.

The Mortgage Event is free to attend, but only limited spaces remain.

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