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Getting to know…Hayley Gateson

Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on the people that make up the Mortgage Brain family, by asking them a few questions to find out what makes them tick. So, join us for a coffee break with…

Hayley Gateson

Hayley works within the direct sales team and focusses on helping customers to optimise their online presence or build new professional-looking websites as part of our website services, MortgageBrain B2C.

Hayley, thanks for letting us get to know you better. Firstly, let’s start with a few questions about your time at Mortgage Brain. How long have you been working with the company?

I started at Mortgage Brain straight after leaving college, it was my first job, and I started as an office junior. At that time, there were only 15-20 staff. One of my roles was doing the weekly disk updates, which had all the product updates from that week.

I worked my way up to customer services and continued the progression in this role until, aged 21, I decided to go travelling for a year.
I stayed in contact with the company as it doubled, even tripled in size, and found myself back in the fold after a few years.

So, all in all, I have worked for Mortgage Brain for over 20 years and I’ve seen the business grow into the success it is today.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the mortgage industry?

The continuous change within the market, and the growing need for technology and opportunities.

So, you’ve seen some big changes during your time with Mortgage Brain. Have you seen this in the industry over the time you’ve been with Mortgage Brain?

Yes, a great deal. There is more choice out there for brokers, more systems and companies working together to make the sales process better for the end user. When I started, there was no such thing as a CRM platform – everything was paper. A CRM was a drawer full of folders!

The understanding of how products and integrations can help streamline a broker’s day-to-day sales process is so much better. People sharing their knowledge and the emergence of social media has had a massive impact. Lenders have also evolved their practices to better support brokers.

Now, for some quick-fire personal trivia. What do you like to do to relax during your leisure time?

Well, it’s not relaxing that’s for sure. I love the gym, I love everything fitness-related as everyone at Mortgage Brain knows – I’m known as a bit of a machine when it comes to working out. At the moment I’m enjoying cycling into work every day.

Of course, I also love spending time with my family and relaxing with a glass or bottle of wine.

You said you love travelling. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to visit the Maldives and I love the idea of New Orleans. I plan to visit Santorini when this pandemic is all over. It was a birthday gift from my parents.

Do you have a claim to fame?

Yes, Marc Bolan (T-Rex) is my mum’s cousin. In fact, the song ‘Telegram Sam’ was written about my uncle!

Red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all?

Brown, all day long. However, when I was younger, it was red sauce.

You can take one item to a desert island with you, what would it be?

A kettlebell.

What is your all-time-favourite music track?

I don’t have any one genre I like, I tend to listen to all types of music. Obviously, I’m a bit of a ‘garage’ girl, but I do love “Wish I Didn’t Miss you” by Angie Stone.

Do you have any phobias?

Clowns. I think that comes from when I was younger, and my nan had a massive vase which stood in the corner of the room and looked like a clown.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of?

My children.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs – However, I don’t own one although I have in the past. I thought it was a good idea for my children. After eight weeks I couldn’t cope, and it had to go back to the breeder to be re-homed.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Tyson Fury – he gave me a kiss when I met him because it was my birthday.

Duke McKenzie – also a professional boxer. I trained in his gym for 10 years.

Spandau Ballet – my uncle was their minder for many years, and they used to turn up at my nan’s house!

Coffee or tea?

As I’ve gotten older, coffee, but I do love a cup of tea with biscuits some evenings.

Hayley, many thanks for talking to us.


Green mortgages – a blossoming trend

With climate change constantly in the headlines and the government aiming to make the UK carbon net zero by 2050[1], energy efficiency in the housing sector is coming into sharper focus with ambitious aims for UK new build homes to be highly energy-efficient and zero-carbon ready by 2025[2].

A report from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) has shed light on how the market for green mortgages looks set to gather momentum as we become more eco aware.  Here we look at some of the key findings from IMLA’s research[3] and what it means for the mortgage industry.

What is a Green Mortgage?

Green mortgages are relatively new products, and the market is still in its infancy. In 2017, the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy revealed their blueprint for a low carbon future and introduced the concept of green mortgages in the UK.

A green mortgage gives borrowers preferential terms in the form of lower interest rates, increased loan amounts, or cash incentives, if they can demonstrate the property they are borrowing on meets certain environmental standards, whether that is for a new build or energy efficient renovations to an existing property.

There are benefits for both parties in a green mortgage [4].

  • For lenders, a borrower with a green mortgage is in a better financial position to pay back the loan as a green building costs less to run.
  • For the borrower, their energy efficient property has an increased value over a similar property that does not meet the desired levels of energy efficiency and there are often rewards within the green mortgage itself.

Gathering momentum and breaking down barriers

As with any change, there are challenges for green mortgages. Firstly, UK lender affordability calculations generally do not take energy performance into account, making it difficult to record. However, in 2020, Monmouthshire Building Society became the first UK lender to recognise energy ratings as part of their affordability calculations [5], perhaps encouraging more lenders to follow suit .

Next, there is a misconception amongst the end users in the market that green mortgages are more expensive with 33% of consumers in IMLA’s research expecting that to be the case. However, this is not the case with 72% of lenders having launched green products that cost the same as conventional products or less. Interestingly, 20% of consumers indicated that they would be willing to pay an extra £100 a month for a green mortgage if it would lower their carbon footprint, with other drivers for them taking such a product being:

  • Saving money on energy bills
  • Helping to save the environment
  • Making the property more desirable by improving energy efficiency
  • Access to better mortgage rates
  • Increasing the value of the property 

Additionally, there is a lack of promotion and awareness of green mortgages with IMLA’s research showing that 43% of consumers had never heard of a green mortgage naturally resulting in low demand for the products.

Barclays were the first big lender to launch green mortgage products back in 2018, although Ecology Building Society were the pioneers of such a product as far back as 1981 [6]. Barclays were soon followed by lenders such as Nationwide, Saffron Building Society, and Kensington with others indicating an intention to launch green products to market in the future [7].

Indeed, specialist lender Foundation Home Loans recently revealed they are launching a ‘Green Reward’ remortgage product as part of its residential range, which will be available to existing homeowners or occupiers who have raised their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating to ‘C’ or above through improvements to their home[8].

Recently, Nationwide Building Society launched a new product called ‘green reward’ which offers £500 cashback to those buying a property with an EPC rating of A, and £250 for properties with an EPC rating of B, in an attempt to encourage more people to buy more energy efficient homes. This is in conjunction with their lowest ever advance rate of 0.75% for sustainable home improvements which includes energy efficient home improvements such as loft, floor, and cavity wall insulation; triple glazing windows; air source heat pumps; and electric car charging stations for which homeowners could borrow between £5,000 and £25,000[9].

IMLA’s report reflects the optimism of the green mortgage market with 58% of intermediaries and 74% of lenders expecting to see demand grow over the next few years.

The hurdles to green mortgages are not insurmountable, and in fact, mostly lie within a lack of understanding of the products, which can be remedied. For example, the government’s Green Finance Strategy put forward a £5m fund to help the financial sector develop green home finance products which triggered the launch of several green mortgage products, helping to raise awareness amongst consumers.

As for future growth, IMLA’s research showed that 74% of lenders believe financial incentives from the government will help to push the market forward. Last year, the government announced a £2bn Green Homes Grant package to help homeowners make energy efficient upgrades to their properties, of which the IMLA report says there are 29 million in the UK.

The lenders view

Lenders appear to be dealing with green mortgage in differing ways with many keen to support the market, some offering lower interest rates and some cash incentives. Kensington for instance is rewarding customers with £1,000 cash back incentives on energy efficient or green renovations to existing properties , whether for buying an older home or simple remortgaging [10].

Furthermore, the mortgage industry is being driven towards green adoption by companies like fund managers BlackRock who have an interest in the UK mortgage market and are responsible for investing trillions into companies that are working towards sustainable practices [11]. Last January, BlackRock wrote to their clients outlining their belief that sustainability risk, and climate risk in particular, mean investment risk and as such sustainability is a key component of the way the way the engage with companies [12].

Supporting green mortgages with technology

The green mortgage market needs a brighter light shining upon it and whilst financial incentives from the government are a welcome addition, technology can also play its part too. IMLA‘s report states that 14% of advisers have customers who have enquired about or taken out a green mortgage. Whilst that figure is low, given the information, it is likely to grow. So, advisers should ask themselves if their sourcing software can help to make finding these products simpler?

MortgageBrain sourcing products make it quicker and easier to cut through the noise with advanced filtering that helps find that niche product your client is looking for. Are green mortgages an untapped business opportunity for you?

To find out more about MortgageBrain products and how you can take advantage of a quickly developing market email sales@mortgage-brain.co.uk.

[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-becomes-first-major-economy-to-pass-net-zero-emissions-law

[2] https://www.energylivenews.com/2021/01/20/all-new-build-homes-in-the-uk-to-be-zero-carbon-ready-by-2025

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[12] https://www.blackrock.com/corporate/investor-relations/blackrock-client-letter


Beyond compliance…

As a mortgage adviser compliance is at the very core of your business and ensuring you have a back office system that intuitively puts compliance first is an integral part of safeguarding your business. However, leading systems, such as The Key by mortgage technology expert Mortgage Brain can offer a plethora of additional benefits to your business that you may not even be aware of.

This short guide will take you through key areas to consider to maximise your sales, CRM, and case tracking platform to deliver exceptional customer service and generate business.

Be organised and get personal

Personalising your communications will increase engagement and provides an opportunity to explain any additional services your business may offer in a tailored way.

One way to achieve this is by including information that is relevant only to the recipient, for instance using a preferred ‘known by’ like Dan instead of Daniel. The Key’s letter templates include merge fields that can be inserted into your communications to give them a person-to-person feel.

Further opportunities to engage with your clients can be found through The Key’s remortgage module which ensures you never miss an opportunity to retain your customers by approaching them as they near the end of their current product rate. Once set up, the module will work to reach out to your customers at the appropriate time.

Communicate often (and effectively)

Data quickly goes out of date and if it does you risk not being able to maintain regular contact with your clients. Make sure you constantly cleanse all your data sets to avoid this and remain compliant with data protection legislation.

Using the Client Portal enables your customers to quickly and easily update their own information including email addresses and phone numbers, so you can always stay in touch which has become more important than ever in recent months where face-to-face meetings have not been possible.

Customers’ circumstances can change quickly. As they do, your clients can update their details in the Client Portal. There is no re-keying needed from you, and reduced risk of errors. Your data remains accurate, and you can spend less time making updates and more time communicating with your clients.

Segmentation and targeting

Segmenting your data into different groups helps you accurately target your messaging and deliver more relevant information that will resonate and encourage connections. An example of this could be to identify your customers who have a mortgage but have not taken out protection, enabling you to provide them with further details or capture their renewal date if they have taken a policy out elsewhere.

Segmenting your data is simple with The Key’s marketing mailshot functionality and you can use the ad-hoc reporting section to filter out applicants you wish to target, safe in the knowledge that The Key’s built-in consent manager stores customer GDPR preferences.

Want to learn more about how you can supercharge and streamline your processes?

Added benefits of using The Key for data management:

  • Engineered to manage your back office compliantly
  • Client Portal gives your clients the security and convenience of sharing documents, case tracking and completing the Fact Find digitally.
  • Fact Find feature giving clients separate logins to add documents and personal details privately and securely without applicants 1 or 2 viewing them
  • Data is securely stored and backed up online

About The Key

The Key, is a powerful CRM, back office and point of sale solution that offers an integrated compliant mortgage process, providing an adviser and their administrators with efficiencies and security. The integrated and customisable Client Portal also saves up to an hour per case by capturing information directly from the client and negating the need for re-keying details.

Love Your Customer campaign: sharing the love for customer loyalty

February may be a shorter month but we know it’s going to be a big one, as we’re bringing back our favourite campaign – #LoveYourCustomer for the second year, tying in with Valentine’s Day and celebrating everything ‘customer related’.

To get involved and understand more about what this fantastic campaign entails, read on.

Our ‘Love Your Customer’ Charity Competition

We will be running a simple multiple-choice competition from 3rd until 13th February at 11:59 pm. The winner will be picked at random and announced on 14th February, Valentine’s Day.

You can take part by simply answering a multiple choice question here. You will be automatically entered into our prize draw to potentially win £50 worth of Amazon or M&S vouchers.

With every entry made, Mortgage Brain will donate £5 to the winner’s charity of choice. The more people that take part the more money the charity receives. So please share the link to the competition: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/MortgageBrainLYC2020/  with colleagues and friends and help spread some cheer.

Gifts of Cheer

Our Corporate and Lender Account teams will be visiting our customers across the country throughout the month, gifting them with chocolates to say thank you for choosing Mortgage Brain and posting pictures on social media.  Our office-based support teams, Direct Sales and Customer Services team will also be taking part and spreading the cheer.

We will be sharing the #LoveYourCustomer messages across all our social media platforms Linkedin and Twitter, hoping to encourage competition entries and donate more money to charity.

What more can you do for your customers?

It’s an important aspect of our culture to do the most that we can for our customers. So it’s important that you can use our software to support your own customers compliantly, efficiently and transparently hence many of our solutions are created with your customer in mind. For example, you can get the best results and inspire increased loyalty by offering your customers the use of our CRM, The Key’s Client Portal.

You can customise the Client Portal to match your branding, creating a professional look and feel, which will give not only an excellent first impression of someone professional and reputable but a lasting one too.

Using the Client Portal properly can save you up to an hour per case – and, with the average adviser completing six cases per week, that’s almost a whole day you’re saving!

It’s competitive out there, but with the right tools and by offering your customers’ use of the best technology out there, you will always provide a customer experience that you can be proud of.

And finally, in the spirit of #LoveYourCustomer, whether you’re taking advantage of one of our 30-day trials, have just signed up or are a long-term customer, you all deserve a thank you because you ultimately make Mortgage Brain.

Enter our #Loveyourcustomer charity competition

Big plans for 2020

A year of integration

For mortgage advisers across the country, 2020 is set to be a momentous start to a new decade. How do we know? Because this year will kick start the integration of six of our software solutions enabling you to provide your clients with the very best and most transparent service ever.

Not only will we be bringing completely new mortgage products to you, but there will also be enhancements to our current systems. We hope you’ll agree that our plans will pack quite a punch and offer exceptional support to you and your business.

Affordability Hub – NEW

Affordability Hub is like Skyscanner for mortgage affordability – it collects information on property, income, debts and expenditure in a standard form and sends this to lender’s affordability calculators and collates the results of what a lender will potentially lend. This means that the expectations of an adviser’s customer can be correctly set.

It transforms the mortgage process by providing you with the amount a lender is prepared to lend, challenging the current process, where the lender only provides an agreement to lend based on a specific amount requested by the adviser. Affordability Hub provides you and your customer transparency of the amount of the loan that the lender is willing to lend regardless on occasion of the property value.

Currently, in a phased pilot, Affordability Hub will be released in 2020 as a complementary addition to customers already using either one of our product sourcing systems – MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere –  or criteria sourcing, Criteria Hub.

Criteria Hub

Criteria Hub, the google for mortgage criteria, uses groundbreaking technology to help you quickly and efficiently match the needs of your customers with those of the Lenders. For example, if a client was bankrupted three years ago, has Japanese knotweed in the garden or has child maintenance or state benefits, the system brings up which lenders will lend and what their criteria is. Criteria Hub also provides details of the criteria used by advisers to Lenders and, with this insight, Lenders are able to design and fine-tune their products to better meet adviser needs.

Those who use Criteria Hub will be the first to enjoy complimentary use of Affordability Hub when launched and in only a few months, Criteria Hub’s integration with MortgageBrain Classic andMortgageBrain Anywhere will be released.

 Lendex – NEW

Along with Affordability Hub, we are releasing another system in 2020, Lendex, now also in a phased pilot, promises to make mortgage application and submission more efficient and compliant in 2020. This flexible online solution means you get decisions direct from Lenders in under a minute.

There is no need to log into individual Lender websites. Lendex submits AIPs and FMAs directly to all participating Lenders’ back office systems with just one log-in needed, letting you submit and complete applications, then track all outstanding cases from one screen.

Just when you thought the release of this innovative software was enough, we’ve added even more integration. Lendex, when fully launched, will integrate seamlessly with Mortgage Brain’s CRM system, The Key, and with our sourcing solutions, MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere and will be free for Mortgage Brain users. However, Lendex will also be available as a stand-alone solution, so everyone can experience the benefits:

MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere

2020 really is the year of integration and MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere, our offline and online product sourcing solutions already integrated with The Key, and its client portal will also see an integration with Criteria Hub, Affordability Hub and Lendex.

Opening the door with The Key

We’re continuing to cement ourselves as the go-to one-stop shop for the entire mortgaging process. If you haven’t guessed already, integration of all our systems really is at the heart of it and we cannot finish without passing comment on our powerful back office., CRM and point of sale system with a customisable online Client PortalThe Key.

Incorporating a digital Fact Find that offers single data entry, full compliance, lead generation capture, reports and multiple integrations for the full mortgage process, in 2020, you will also enjoy integration enhancements with ConveyancingBrain – the clever way to earn from conveyancing. We’re not stopping there though. Following a successful pilot, the integration with Lendex will also commence.

You’ll be spoiled for choice of the solutions we have to offer. Get in contact with us today on 0208 665 3289 to see product demos before you sign up or to make any enquiry. If you need more of a guided tour of our products then feel free to sign up to a webinar or access all the free videos on our website.

Make sure you take full advantage of our free 30-day trials available with all licenced products, connect with our helpful colleagues and find out what these dynamic solutions can do for your business.

Affordability Hub: the benefits and how it works

Due to pilot in Q4 2019, we are pleased to welcome a new member of the Mortgage Brain proposition family – Affordability Hub. Dubbed the ‘Skyscanner’ for mortgage affordability, this revolutionary mortgage solution system collects information on property, income, debts and expenditure in a standard form and sends it all to lenders affordability calculators and then delivers the information back to Affordability Hub. However, the benefits of using Affordability Hub don’t stop there.

A complimentary addition

Customers of Mortgage Brain’s sourcing systems MortgageBrain Classic or MortgageBrain Anywhere and Criteria Hub, will be able to enjoy our new addition at no extra cost.

How it works

The simple purpose of Affordability Hub is to support the mortgage adviser at the outset so that their customers have full knowledge of their options. Our new system will provide the maximum lending amounts either for a specific property or based on a customer’s circumstances with the results being returned within a minute. The collated results are provided that show the amount each Lender is prepared to lend rather than whether they will simply lend the amount requested. This gives you and your clients, total transparency and helps the customer understand the range of mortgage options available to them.  If we want to get into the all-important details, it uses a comprehensive standard question set which, in turn, is used to populate a Lender’s affordability calculators.

Total transparency

Affordability Hub provides total transparency of all the requirements which has been ignored by the Lenders’ affordability calculator and any assumptions that the platform has made. Our new system goes further by giving clear indications of what expenditures and incomes were accepted and ignored for each Lender.

Comprehensive records

The benefits of using Affordability Hub continues transforming the mortgage process with the ability to re-run an existing application with complete version tracking in addition to comprehensive compliance records to support any advice given. It’s sourcing heaven at its best.

Make sure you keep a close eye on our Affordability Hub webpage for all updates relating to its full integration with Criteria Hub and MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere due in 2020. This is the ideal product for enhancing the entire mortgage process by delivering better and more comprehensive information.

When used in tandem with our full mortgage sourcing product portfolio, Affordability Hub will be, like we always say, a no brainer! An adviser with affordability, criteria and product-based sourcing in their arsenal will be able to provide their clients with the best advice and most transparent service on the market.

Anywhere, Anytime: Top tips for using Mortgage Brain’s latest generation online first and second charge sourcing system

MortgageBrain Anywhere is our online first and second charge sourcing system. It simultaneously allows you to source mortgages for your client whilst offering total flexibility to do so anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on a PC, tablet or laptop, MortgageBrain Anywhere gives you the capability to perform your tasks as long as you have internet access.

This is one system where you don’t need to be on the same device each time you log in. When we say MortgageBrain Anywhere we mean it. You can start a case on your computer in the office, and continue it later on your tablet or iPad, which is particularly useful when you’re off on your holidays and don’t have access to work PC.

If you’re not yet a MortgageBrain Anywhere customer or are unfamiliar with the process, this is the place for you to gain a few top tips to become an expert in no time. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be more than ready to sign up, log in and get started.

Source on second-charge products and compare to remortgage products

Our sourcing system can allow you to demonstrate to a client whether remortgaging is a viable option or if it would be more beneficial to borrow additional funds on a second charge. It may seem like a complicated process but with MortgageBrain Anywhere it really isn’t. All that’s required of you is to:

  1. Input the information which in turn will calculate the savings in the given situation.
  2. Select compare a remortgage against second charge option.
  3. Add in your client’s existing mortgage information.
  4. Enter the property price, term and loan amount.
  5. Source remortgage products in the multiple search function.
  6. Use ‘New Search’ from the scheme list to source for second charge products.
  7. Use the ‘My Searches’ button and then ‘Compare ‘to have a clear view of the different products.

From here you will be sent to the comparison screen where you can clearly see the differences between the scenarios previously entered.

Creating multiple searches

Not only does MortgageBrain Anywhere give you the chance to source in any location with internet access, it has a host of options to really get into the nitty-gritty of what is mortgage sourcing. In this case, you are able to create multiple searches and we are more than happy to give you the steps on how to go about doing so.

If you already have a search open and wish to see another, all you have to do is select the New Search option in the bottom right of your screen. This will leave the original search in place whilst allowing you to construct another. Moving between the two, if not more, is as simple as clicking between tabs.

Bespoke mortgage schemes to fit your client’s needs

Finding the best mortgage scheme for your clients is a top priority when it comes to sourcing the right products.

By using MortgageBrain Anywhere, you can show your client a list of ‘best buy’ products that meet their needs and requirements. Our system takes into account the client’s mortgage and personal details which is aided by the standard best buy tables already integrated as a default.

When compiling such a bespoke mortgage scheme, it is vital that you include the following client details: 

  • Salary
  • DOB
  • Mortgage details

Following this, you will receive results offering the best products dependant on the criteria provided. It is important to notice that these are not general pieces of information but a table containing the ‘best buy’ options for the customer. In order to show this to them, select the option to display on the screen.

The personalisation doesn’t end there thanks to the additional filters available. As an example, you can add filters that take into account the possibility of overpaying. MortgageBrain Anywhere really is a tool perfect for getting the best for your clients.
If you’re not yet a MortgageBrain Anywhere customer, you can get your hands on a 30-day free trial and see what you think. Do you have any other tips on getting to grips with MortgageBrain Anywhere? We’d love for you to share them with us. Just send us a short tweet!

How the Client Portal is at the very centre of your customer relationships and helps to create the ‘digital customer journey’.

If you haven’t met yet, allow us to introduce you to The Key’s Client Portal. Through an integration of MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere, The Key leads the industry as a back-office system.

For those of you who don’t know already, through the use of several handy tools used within the Client Portal, including a Fact Find functionality and secure communication and document up and download, we have been able to deliver an exceptional digital customer journey at the very centre of your customer relationships.

The benefits: they’re for both you and your customer

We always want to ensure that your clients are given the best experience possible when working through the mortgage process. Not only will the Client Portal help in a client’s decision in choosing you as their broker but it provides them with a modern and efficient experience in their dealings with you.

The ease at which you can keep your clients up to date with the process of their application is another main highlight, with the Client Portal offering 24-hour access to both you and your customers via desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Client-focused Fact Find

We cannot talk about The Key’s Client Portal without the digital Fact Find functionality. This is certainly one of the best ways to enhance your customer experience all to the good.

The Fact Find enables clients to directly enter their information into your CRM system as and whenever it is convenient for them. Following this, it will then be immediately attached to their record within The Key. It is convenient for them and just as convenient for you – no rekeying!  Plus there are benefits in developing your customer relationships as all their personal facts and information are collected before any meetings.

This could save you up to 60 minutes of the mortgage process for each case and, therefore, means that your client meeting can steer more towards focusing on advice, rather than spending much of it gathering information. You also have the ability to lock or unlock your clients’ access to the Client Portal so that you can control when they can update and access the data.

So start your digital customer journey with your 30-day free trial today. To stay up to date on all our news, The Key or otherwise, follow us on Twitter – @Mortgage_Brain – and LinkedIn.

Meet the team: Matt Surridge

As a Mortgage Brain newbie Matt is already a top performer in our sales team, and is no stranger to getting us new clients – as well as keeping our current ones incredibly happy! We decided to find a little more about one of our newest members of the team, and here’s what we discovered…

How long have you been working at Mortgage Brain?
6 months.

What does a typical day look like for you?
No two days are the same. Having ‘national’ in my job title isn’t just to sound fancy! I could be demonstrating The Key or Criteria Hub to a firm of Brokers in Scotland one day, doing round table training in the Emirates Stadium or platform presentations at Wetherby Racecourse the next day.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
I enjoy sitting down with customers, looking at the challenges they face and helping them find solutions. That might be driving more footfall to their door via websites and apps or reducing the amount of customer data they have to re-key by moving them to our CRM and sourcing systems.

What is your best Mortgage Brain memory?
I really enjoyed being part of the Vision events that Mortgage Brain host each year. These events always get fantastic feedback from everyone who attends and there are lots of valuable insights into the industry.

Why Mortgage Brain – what drew you to the company?
I’ve worked in Financial Services since 2003 and all of the tools I used were provided by Mortgage Brain. I was always impressed by the depth of functionality and how easy it was to use, so when an opportunity came up to be part of the team I jumped at it!

Matt and Phil MEL

Tea or coffee?

You’re stranded on a desert island. Which co-worker would you like to have with you, and why?
Gemma Lang, there would never be awkward silences and I’m sure passing ships could hear from miles away…

What’s your best party trick?
I have a bottomless appetite so normally people are fascinated/horrified at how much I can eat!

Do you have any bad habits – especially ones that annoy the rest of the office?!
I think my habit of playing with my cuffs on photos seems to annoy people the most…

What’s your best quality, and how does it help you at work?
I have always worked in companies where taking ownership of problems personally is important. I bring this approach with me to make sure that, if any of our customers have any issues that need resolving, I won’t just pass it on. I’ll make sure I remain a point of call until it is resolved.

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Meeting customers’ expectations: how a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

The world around us is constantly changing, and technology plays a huge part – especially in the experience of the customer. We speak to hundreds of brokers every week, so we understand how tough it is to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and offer your customers a professional modern service they deserve.

Customers now want – and expect – to interact how, when and where they want to, and we all need to evolve and adapt to fulfil their expectations. Not only do we need to keep our existing customers happy, but we need to ensure that our businesses continue to grow. After all, it’s worth remembering that one happy customer could potentially endorse a business to five, six, seven potential new customers!

At Mortgage Brain, our teams have been building solutions for many years to enable you to satisfy the modern customers’ needs – but how do we do it, and what exactly do we do?

Investing in your solutions

To ensure that we offer the latest generation systems, 40% of our revenue is invested back into our developing our systems so that we can continue to deliver new products and services regularly and enhance our existing ones.

The Key Client Portal is a good example of a new product that we were able to launch due to our continued investment. It was developed in tandem with adviser feedback and with customer experience in mind to ensure that not only do your customers benefit from great service from you as you use our systems, but that we can support you and you receive a best service from us.

leading through the mortgage market

A fully integrated end-to-end process

Our systems are fully integrated – are yours? Not everyone realises that we are the only technology software company that offers mortgage Advisers an end-to-end mortgage process with single data entry, from lead generation all the way through to mortgage submission.

All our Mortgage Brain sourcing customers have the opportunity to be listed on our UKMortgages website, app and Amazon Echo Skill for free. UKMortgages is our lead generation suite that started with an app in 2012 offering consumers the chance to find their nearest adviser by postal address, as well as taking advantage of our B2C offerings such as website creation and adding plug-ins to help with generating those all-important leads. We also offer The Key as a back office system, complete with its own secure Client Portal, which integrates with both of our sourcing systems MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere. Our free mortgage application system, MTE, then completes the mortgage process, allowing you to submit your mortgage applications to 9 of the top lenders and get responses in under a minute.

Going above and beyond that, many brokers also use ConveyancingBrain – a free system that enables you recommend to your customers a customer-rated solicitor who your chosen lender accepts, and completes the whole property-buying process. ConveyancingBrain features a fantastic case tracking facility available to your customers 24/7, allowing them to stay up to date with their case anywhere anytime – just what any modern consumer wants.

Satisfying the customer

Now that you know about all the systems at your disposal, it’s important to understand how you can use them efficiently to really satisfy your customers’ needs and wants. The Key’s Client Portal is an excellent example of this, offering an online fact find, encrypted messaging, document exchange, case updates and 24/7 access for your clients.

Here is a clear testament to the benefits of the Client Portal, from a real customer:

“There’s no doubt that using the Portal significantly speeded up my mortgage application. Having completed the mortgage questions in advance the advice felt more considered and the exchange of documents & messages with my adviser made me feel much closer to the process.” Iain M, customer

Your customers will also want to know that they’re working with someone professional and reputable, so using the branding functionality will enable you to match the Client Portal to your company branding, creating a professional look and feel and will give not only an excellent first – and lasting – impression.

Using the Client Portal can save you up to an hour per case – and, when the average broker is completing six cases per week, that’s almost a whole day you’re saving!


We’re here for you

The help we offer doesn’t simply stop at our systems. Our customer service team are on hand to answer any queries you have with 97% of your calls answered first time. We also have a help and training centre, which provides guides, videos and webinars for each of our systems – all free of charge.

Our partner integrations help you enrich your offering to your clients and ultimately make your business more profitable. ConveyancingBrain, iPipeline, IRESS, Royal London and PaymentShield each offer an extra string to your broker bow – try them today if you haven’t already.

And, don’t forget, our annual Mortgage Vision events always have a host of fantastic speakers, legislation updates and market insight to help you get the most out of our systems and hear from the experts.

It’s competitive out there, but with the right tools and up to date knowledge you can meet customers’ expectations, be more efficient and, overall, offer a customer experience that you can be proud of.