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Getting to know…Hayley Gateson

Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on the people that make up the Mortgage Brain family, by asking them a few questions to find out what makes them tick. So, join us for a coffee break with…

Hayley Gateson

Hayley works within the direct sales team and focusses on helping customers to optimise their online presence or build new professional-looking websites as part of our website services, MortgageBrain B2C.

Hayley, thanks for letting us get to know you better. Firstly, let’s start with a few questions about your time at Mortgage Brain. How long have you been working with the company?

I started at Mortgage Brain straight after leaving college, it was my first job, and I started as an office junior. At that time, there were only 15-20 staff. One of my roles was doing the weekly disk updates, which had all the product updates from that week.

I worked my way up to customer services and continued the progression in this role until, aged 21, I decided to go travelling for a year.
I stayed in contact with the company as it doubled, even tripled in size, and found myself back in the fold after a few years.

So, all in all, I have worked for Mortgage Brain for over 20 years and I’ve seen the business grow into the success it is today.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the mortgage industry?

The continuous change within the market, and the growing need for technology and opportunities.

So, you’ve seen some big changes during your time with Mortgage Brain. Have you seen this in the industry over the time you’ve been with Mortgage Brain?

Yes, a great deal. There is more choice out there for brokers, more systems and companies working together to make the sales process better for the end user. When I started, there was no such thing as a CRM platform – everything was paper. A CRM was a drawer full of folders!

The understanding of how products and integrations can help streamline a broker’s day-to-day sales process is so much better. People sharing their knowledge and the emergence of social media has had a massive impact. Lenders have also evolved their practices to better support brokers.

Now, for some quick-fire personal trivia. What do you like to do to relax during your leisure time?

Well, it’s not relaxing that’s for sure. I love the gym, I love everything fitness-related as everyone at Mortgage Brain knows – I’m known as a bit of a machine when it comes to working out. At the moment I’m enjoying cycling into work every day.

Of course, I also love spending time with my family and relaxing with a glass or bottle of wine.

You said you love travelling. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to visit the Maldives and I love the idea of New Orleans. I plan to visit Santorini when this pandemic is all over. It was a birthday gift from my parents.

Do you have a claim to fame?

Yes, Marc Bolan (T-Rex) is my mum’s cousin. In fact, the song ‘Telegram Sam’ was written about my uncle!

Red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all?

Brown, all day long. However, when I was younger, it was red sauce.

You can take one item to a desert island with you, what would it be?

A kettlebell.

What is your all-time-favourite music track?

I don’t have any one genre I like, I tend to listen to all types of music. Obviously, I’m a bit of a ‘garage’ girl, but I do love “Wish I Didn’t Miss you” by Angie Stone.

Do you have any phobias?

Clowns. I think that comes from when I was younger, and my nan had a massive vase which stood in the corner of the room and looked like a clown.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of?

My children.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs – However, I don’t own one although I have in the past. I thought it was a good idea for my children. After eight weeks I couldn’t cope, and it had to go back to the breeder to be re-homed.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Tyson Fury – he gave me a kiss when I met him because it was my birthday.

Duke McKenzie – also a professional boxer. I trained in his gym for 10 years.

Spandau Ballet – my uncle was their minder for many years, and they used to turn up at my nan’s house!

Coffee or tea?

As I’ve gotten older, coffee, but I do love a cup of tea with biscuits some evenings.

Hayley, many thanks for talking to us.


Welcome to Mortgage Vision

Can you believe that 2019 will be the 10th year of Mortgage Vision? Every year we are proud to offer our free intermediary CPD accredited roadshow to so many advisers, both customers and non-customers, DAs and ARs, advancing their knowledge on regulation, technology and the economy. In addition, broadening their business horizons in this ever-changing industry and witnessing new networking contacts being made between delegates.

In 2018, 98% of attendees rated the events as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ so we’re very pleased to build on the momentum from last year to make this the best roadshow yet. Here’s a little about what you can expect…

What to expect
Our annual events are put on to ensure that you gain essential knowledge about the market as a whole. We also like to ensure that you can discover new business opportunities and network with the best and brightest in the industry.

Our roadshows will feature talks from leading companies and inspirational leaders. We have to give special thanks to Emily Machin from OneSavings Bank, our CEO, Mark Lofthouse and Robert Sinclair of AMI who will be kick-starting each event with a 20 minute platform presentation.

Several roundtable sessions will then follow, featuring: Coventry Building Society, Fluent Money for Advisers, Mortgage Brain, NatWest, OneSavings Bank, Royal London, Santander, Skipton Building Society, and Together. You can use this unique chance to talk, discuss and question your providers face to face – a great opportunity to gain valuable bits of information and keep updated.

You’ll get plenty of chances before, during and after to network with fellow Advisers, as well as enjoy a free lunch. Of course, all our delegates will be able to claim up to 3.5 hours* structured CPD towards their CII member CPD scheme. You can see the full agenda here and the one for Belfast here

Topics being covered
We’ll also be covering a range of subjects, such as the Mortgages Market Review, the current mortgage market climate, the true value of the adviser to the customer and how technological advancement serves the Adviser and their future Customer to name a few.

Read what the speakers and each individual roundtable presenters will be talking about by clicking on each of the logos on the relevant section on this Mortgage Vision website page.  

All of that in a few hours!

We’re very pleased to be offering Mortgage Vision in twelve locations once again this year. The dates are as follows:

  • Newcastle – Gateshead Marriott Hotel – Wednesday 25th September
  • Leeds – Leeds United FC – Thursday 26th September
  • Southampton – Macdonald Botley Park Hotel – Thursday 3rd October
  • London/Elstree – Holiday Inn – Tuesday 8th October
  • Manchester – AJ Bell Stadium – Wednesday 16th October
  • Birmingham – Aston Villa – Thursday 17th October
  • London/Arsenal – Arsenal FC – Thursday 31st October
  • Belfast – Hilton Belfast Templepatrick – Wednesday 6th November
  • Newport – Holiday Inn – Wednesday 13th November
  • Exeter – Exeter Racecourse – Thursday 14th November
  • Maidstone – Tudor Park Marriott Hotel – Wednesday 20th November
  • Sunbury/Middx – Kempton Park Racecourse – Thursday 21st November

You can now book your free place for any of our remaining venues on our website – and even reserve a spot for your colleagues at the same time!

You can view all the events and all other information at www.mortgagevision.net and make sure you let us know you’re coming along by tweeting us @Mortgage_Brain and using the hashtag #MV2019.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our 10th year of Mortgage Vision – it’s sure to be our best one yet!

*Breaks not included. Belfast event provides up to 2.5 CPD hours accredited by the CII (also excluding breaks).

Four reasons to attend industry events

You turn your computer on. You log onto social media and see the latest conference hashtag, or see an email drop into your inbox about the next industry event. Tempted to go? You should be.

Industry events offer incredible benefits, such as increasing your knowledge to service your customers better, understanding forthcoming regulatory changes and requirements, developing networking skills and meeting up with industry representatives from different services.  We’ve rounded up our top reasons as to why you should attend events below:

  1. Knowledge gains

In our latest social media poll, 67% of you said that the part you value most about events is expanding your knowledge. From key speakers to the latest industry news, events are vital for increasing your understanding outside of what you learn during working hours.

Our Mortgage Vision events this year cover topics such as creating a digital journey for your customers, the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, Buy to Let activity 12 months on, the Competition Review, GDPR – new data protection legislation, the return of the First Time Buyer and much more.

You can only learn so much from reading books and published articles – you can learn far more from actually going out and meeting Lenders and product providers first-hand. There are always opportunities to ask questions, discuss relevant topics including the current and future of your industry with other delegates too.

  1. Plenty of opportunities to network

Events offer a fantastic way for you to meet your peers, discuss the latest industry news with likeminded individuals and compare how you are finding ‘business’.

Comparing notes about forthcoming legislation, discussing the latest technology advancements and going over changes to mortgage products with those who are working in the same market as you, can often be very enlightening.

Not only that, but networking can help evolve your interpersonal skills. If you’re new to the networking scene, events can provide a great way of getting used to introducing yourself to others and gain confidence in potentially seeking out people to talk to.

  1. Everything you need, all in one place

It can often take time to locate all the resources you need to see the latest news, understand the next lot of legislation changes and discover new and existing technology advancements that can help you be the best broker possible. Luckily for you, events can provide a place where you learn all this and more – in one place, and often in just one day.

Events allow you to learn the topics that are influencing the market from the key-note speakers, as well as taking part in workshops or individual roundtable sessions that will offer you the change to interact more closely with your peers and ask the important, burning questions from the presenters.

  1. And they may be CPD accredited!

A really key pull for many brokers is that the majority of industry events will enable you to gain all-important CPD hours. Conferences and event may have been accredited to provide structured CPD to those that attend. This means that the events will provide directed ‘study,’ and will have clear and precise learning objectives in place for the delegates.

Mortgage Brokers need to complete a minimum of 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year, of which 21 hours should be structured. So in our industry, it is important to ensure that you are improving your knowledge and gain continuing professional development hours each year and events are the perfect place to do so.

Need a few more benefits?

  • Many events, like Mortgage Vision, are free to attend!
  • They’re informative and allow you to meet new people
  • You can motivate yourself simply by being in an educational environment
  • You will impress your customers by being up to the minute with the very latest news and views

The real trick to events is to go with clear objectives and plan your day to get the most of your time. Whatever your reason for going, we would love to hear it. Tweet us with the hashtag #MVision17 and let us know your top motive for attending events.

Technology in the Mortgage Market

It’s been thirty years since we first introduced our mortgage software to the market, and it has been a vital tool which has revolutionised the industry in terms of technology ever since.

Technology is constantly evolving in its nature, but its particularly interesting to see it used so much in an industry that has, for the most, part stuck to what it knew best and not ventured into unknown territory.

But where can it go from here? And will the mortgage industry be as happy to welcome yet more changes?

Thankfully, we can hope that, because it has become accustomed to new technology before, the industry will be more likely to welcome future technological developments.

Where did it begin?
In 1986, we introduced the first ever piece of mortgage software, but with some drawbacks due to technology itself still evolving into the type of system we needed for it to really take off.

Fast-forward to 2004 and M-Day, which propelled the mortgage industry forward in terms of technological advancements. It revolutionised the way brokers worked, however, the sceptics were out in force: asking how the existing mortgage systems would cope with new demands.

As we know, it did more than just cope, leaving the mortgage industry and the brokers working within it a bit happier about the idea of using technology in their line of work.

But where are we now?
After M-Day, technological advancements took a giant leap; it allowed us, and other mortgage solution suppliers, to create systems which were faster working, easier to use and up to date – waiting times became a thing of the past, and the client became more involved with the introduction of social media, apps and bigger and better websites.

And what do we predict for the future?
Technology is a hard one to predict: faster software, holograms, robots – who knows?!

It does seem that as time goes on, the industry is more accepting, and welcoming, of technological advancements, especially if it makes their job smoother, quicker and easier – as that usually means more business too!

Following on from M-Day, and 2014’s Mortgage Market Review, this year’s Mortgage Credit Directive requirements have enforced more change in the market.

In five years’ time, we think there will have been various advancements, including:

– More systems integration
– Integrating the tablet more
– Remote video – Skyping your broker!
– The (further) rise of Apps

After that, who knows! Technological advancements mean that exciting times are ahead for the industry, and for MortgageBrain too. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store – even if it is robots!