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The Key Client Portal
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Keep in step with your clients' expectations...

Offer them flexibility and convenience as they provide information through the Portal using the online Fact Find, secure document exchange and messaging plus access case status updates 24/7.

  • - Save yourself an hour per case
  • - Provide your clients with a far better experience
  • - Customise the background & font colours, add your logo and banners
  • - Client information transfers directly into The Key (single data entry)
  • - Control your clients access to the Fact Find - lock and unlock
  • - Capture hard facts prior to any face to face meeting
  • - Individual account logins for applicants 1 and 2
  • - Keep clients up to date with their case progress
  • - Used 5,000 times a month by clients
  • - 24 hour access from smartphones, tablets and computers


  • - Capture additional employment data, adverse credit information plus more

"On average we are saving at least an hour per case, possibly more."

Alex Groom,
AGA Mortgages

"I can't see myself ever not using the portal for communication and document exchange."

Charlie Baker
Balanced Financial Services

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"On average we are saving at least an hour per case, possibly more. The system is clear and straightforward and the general feedback from clients is positive. It's making us look more professional and streamlined with clients and also offering a secure service. It's refreshing to have a system that showcases advances in technology, is more efficient for us and our clients and finally makes the mortgage journey slicker."
Alex Groom, AGA Mortgages
"The client portal is a brilliant feature with documents accessible for both compliance and client purposes. With security being a major issue in this industry, this increases credibility and professionalism of my business. The programme has a 'clean' user interface that is pleasant and easy to use, and so improves efficiency - a huge plus in this compliance-demanding industry."
Pauline Johnson, All Kinds of Mortgages
"I started using the customer portal after the introduction of GDPR and the requirement to encrypt emails containing certain information. I have branded the portal which gives the customer a sense of security and provides a sense of professionalism for the business. My Clients can access their documents and messages through the portal on a PC, iPad & even on the go on their smartphones. You can send them time and date stamped secure messages, and more importantly, see when those messages have been read (which I have found very useful). Documents can remain accessible to them throughout the process and beyond. You can see when the clients have logged in too, so you can see how engaged in the process they are (another significant benefit in my opinion). I can't see myself ever not using the portal for communication and document exchange."
Charlie Baker, Balanced Financial Services
"There's no doubt that using the Portal significantly speeded up my mortgage application. Having completed the mortgage questions in advance the advice felt more considered and the exchange of documents & messages with my adviser made me feel much closer to the process."
Iain M, customer

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