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We are delighted to welcome a new addition to the Mortgage Brain proposition family.

Due to pilot in Q4 2019, Affordability Hub is like Skyscanner for mortgage affordability – it collects information on property, income, debts and expenditure in a standard form and sends this to lender’s affordability calculators and collates the results of what a lender will potentially lend. This means that the expectations of an adviser’s customer can be correctly set.
Affordability Hub transforms the mortgage process by providing you with the amount a lender is prepared to lend, challenging the current process, where the lender only provides an agreement to lend based on a specific amount requested by the adviser. Affordability Hub provides you and your customer transparency of the amount of the loan that the lender is willing to lend regardless on occasion of the property value.
It is intended that all Lenders information available on Criteria Hub will be available on Affordability Hub - approximately 70 lenders.
Affordability Hub will only be offered as a complementary addition (at no additional charge) to customers who have Mortgage Brain sourcing (MortgageBrain Classic or MortgageBrain Anywhere) and/or Criteria Hub licences.
  • Prequalification of a customer – supporting the adviser at the outset so that the customer knows what mortgage is affordable and from which lenders
  • Uses a comprehensive standard question set and this information is used to populate Lender's affordability calculators (like Skyscanner)
  • Incorporates a number of lending and product criteria
  • Enhances the mortgage process by delivering better and more comprehensive information
  • Displays the maximum lending amounts either for a particular property or based on the customer's circumstances or both
  • Comprehensive compliance record to support the advice given
  • Ability to re-run an existing application with version tracking
  • Give total transparency of information which has been ignored by the Lenders' affordability calculator and any assumptions that the platform has made
  • Clear indications of what incomes and expenditures were accepted and ignored per Lender
Due in 2020, the integration of Criteria Hub, Affordability Hub combined with MortgageBrain Anywhere and MortgageBrain Classic, will transform the sales process.
An adviser armed with affordability, criteria and product based sourcing is able to provide their clients with the very best and most transparent advice available.
To see a demonstration of Affordability Hub - then attend one of our free CPD accredited Mortgage Vision intermediary events or to be one of the first in the queue to use Affordability Hub when launched, please enter your details here