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Pure innovation from Mortgage Brain

Feature in the UK's first ever mortgage Skill on Amazon Echo
UKMortgages Amazon Echo
Say hello to our new ground-breaking UKMortgages Amazon Echo Skill. Users can now ask Alexa to find them a local adviser or a mortgage or both - and our sourcing customers are entitled to a free listing and subsequent leads!
UKMortgages is our free lead generation suite including a mortgage calculator app, website and now Amazon Echo Skill.
Part of our digital journey offering, the UKMortgages suite features our Adviser customers free of charge - make sure your business is listed.
Amazon Echo
How does the Skill work:
  • Simply say 'Hello Alexa, Open UKMortgages' to any Amazon Echo device
  • Potential clients will answer a few simple questions to find a suitable mortgage and your business
  • Alexa will provide initial details verbally and send further information to the user's Alexa app