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Graduate Training Programme

Graduate Training Programme - Software Developers, Croydon
£30,000 + 6 month reviews + bonus + benefits
We are currently seeking two exceptional individuals to join our Graduate Development programme and train with us to become part of our next generation of Software Developers.
An award winning business and an innovator in our market place, we are backed by the largest and best-known banks and building societies in the UK - Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, RBS, Santander and CYBG - we have made record profits for the last 4 years and in 2018/19 our turnover was £15.2m. We provide software and web service solutions for mortgage brokers and lenders and our software plays an essential role in the UK mortgage industry. Our close-knit team of just over 120 people and our entrepreneurial, 'can do' culture gives our business that sense of dynamism and innovation that is a hallmark of many of the best UK technology firms.
At Mortgage Brain, we take software development very seriously – indeed we plough over 40% of our annual expenditure back into it - and we are now seeking two exceptional individuals to join our established graduate development programme and train as Software Developers. After a comprehensive introduction to our business you will be given increasing levels of responsibility within one of our development teams; fairly quickly taking on a remit that embraces all areas of the software lifecycle. At the same time, you will be given full support to undertake renowned, externally recognised qualifications, as well as being supported to develop your broader technical and personal skillsets; all with the aim of you becoming part of our next generation of Software Developers.
In order to be considered, you must be looking to achieve (or already have) a minimum 2:1 honours degree in a computing discipline. You must also possess a keen interest in IT and a desire to develop industry leading software solutions. In addition, it is essential that you have a good understanding of modern programming techniques combined with knowledge of the principles and major concepts of current operating systems, databases and networking/communications (with particular reference to the internet). Your ‘softer’ skills are also very important and we seek people with strong critical reasoning ability, good communicating and influencing skills and the maturity, professionalism, drive and organisational ability to succeed.
This is a fantastic time to join an Agile, innovative team with ambitious plans for the future.
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Computer Developer

Developers make software for the world to use. The job of a developer is to crank out code - fresh code for new products, code fixes for maintenance, code for business logic, and code for supporting libraries.

- Wikipedia

As you may know from your studies, some of the best technology companies are successful not only because they develop a technological solution to an otherwise intractable problem, but also because in doing so they create a new market paradigm and then go on to dominate in this new space. This is exactly what Mortgage Brain has done.
Consider how people would have bought a house 30 years ago. They would undoubtedly have needed a mortgage but would have discovered that they were pretty hard to come by. They would have been required to save for many years for a large deposit and then be assessed by a local bank/building society manager to see if they were prepared to lend the money.
However, all of that changed in the late 1980's when large swathes of the UK financial services industry were deregulated. This meant that for the first time, many more people could secure a mortgage. The existing mortgage lenders – who at the time were mainly the large retail banks and the building societies - all started to compete with each other and many new lenders entered the market as well. This all led to a massive proliferation of different types of mortgage products and as a result the UK mortgage market became one of the most innovative and competitive in the world. However, with over 20,000 mortgage products to choose from, people were now faced with a new problem: how could they best select the one that was most suitable for their finances? Increasingly, people made use of the services of mortgage sales professionals - Mortgage Brokers, but these Brokers in turn needed to be able to answer this question on their customer's behalf.
This was the circumstance within which Mortgage Brain was created. Formed in 1986, we have since developed technology that allows Mortgage Brokers to advise their customers on the most suitable mortgage for their needs and then to complete the mortgage application process on their behalf in the most efficient and compliant manner; the latter being particularly important since the regulation of mortgage sales in 2004. Due to our innovative technology and determination to be the best at what we do, we have not only helped to create a completely new market model but have also come to dominate this market place.
In order to be considered for this role, you must:
  • Be looking to achieve (or already have) a minimum 2:1 honours degree in a computing discipline.
It is also essential that you possess the right attitudes and behaviours. These are as follows:
  • Confidence - Is self-assured, mature and willing to learn.
  • Self-management - Is organised and methodical with an ability to work and adhere to tight deadlines.
  • Communicating and influencing - Is a clear and effective communicator both verbally and in writing.
  • Professionalism - Is trustworthy with high personal standards and possesses a professional demeanour.
  • Drive and resilience - Is highly self-motivated and takes pride in delivering to a personal best with a 'can do' and resilient attitude that overcomes challenges.
  • Critical analysis and improvement - Applies critical thinking to tasks, problem solving and the generation of new ideas.
  • Customer focus - Adopts a highly customer centric approach to both internal and external customers.
After an initial induction period, you will work within one of our software development teams based in Croydon.
Software development at Mortgage Brain covers all areas of the software life-cycle from initial research of the available options, through proof of concept, analysis, design, coding, unit, system, performance & security testing, fault finding, fault fixing and technical documentation. Liaison is required with other areas of the business, particularly product managers, business analysts, project managers, testers and support staff. We are a Microsoft environment with software development in .Net (C# and Visual Basic), HTML, JavaScript and SQL Server using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.
Initially you will be working in a project team on coding, unit, system, performance & security testing, fault finding and fault fixing but as your experience grows you will be working on all areas of the life-cycle either on your own or as part of a team. In time, there will be opportunities to mentor new graduates and to move into team leadership positions if this is the direction in which you want your career to develop.
During your first two years you will be given paid time off to study for the Microsoft Technology Associate and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer qualifications. Mortgage Brain will fully meet the costs of these renowned, externally recognised qualifications.
You will undertake the Microsoft Technology Associate training during the first six months of your enrolment in the scheme. This is an introductory Microsoft certification that addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts. Although only one exam is needed to obtain this certification, we believe that you will really benefit from taking the following three courses; 'Software Development Fundamentals', 'Database Fundamentals' and 'HTML5 App Development Fundamentals'. It is our expectation that you will pass these exams within the six month period.
Once the Microsoft Technology Associate Training has been successfully completed, you will then undertake the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer qualification. This is industry recognised and proves your capabilities as a software developer in the chosen subject areas. As before, you will be given paid time off to study and Mortgage Brain will fully meet the qualification costs. Initially, you will take both the 'Programming in C#' and the 'Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3' courses - we'd like you to take both courses even though only one of these courses is required for the MCSD as we'd like you to be skilled in programming in both environments. You will then complete your qualification as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer App Builder by taking two further exams: 'Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications' and an elective exam. The elective exam to be taken will be determined through discussion with your manager at the appropriate time and will reflect both your preferences and our requirements. It is our expectation that you will become fully certified within two years of joining Mortgage Brain.
In addition to all of the above, we recognise the importance both to you and ourselves, of helping to develop your broader skill set. This includes those technical skills not specifically covered by formal qualifications and also your 'softer' skills. Indeed, one of the attractions of joining a smaller, growing business like Mortgage Brain, is that you will much more quickly gain exposure to all facets of the software development life-cycle. In addition, our 'can do', 'fleet of foot' culture will naturally help to develop a whole range of 'softer' skills around your confidence, self-management, communicating, influencing and problem solving ability.
In order to help you get the best out of the graduate development programme, you will also be provided with a mentor who will help you understand the 'way things work around here' and who will be there for you, to provide help and advice. In addition, you will have monthly review and development meetings with your line manager to discuss progress and to give and receive feedback. These meetings will cover both your technical and 'softer' skills development and your line manager will look for opportunities to help you to grow in both areas.
The pay and benefits package for these roles will be as follows:
Base salary £30,000 per annum; reviewed every 6 months for the first two years.
Annual bonus Initially 5%, rising by 2.5% on 1st April each year to a maximum of 12.5%. Payment of bonus is dependent upon company and personal performance.
Pension 5% contribution by company if in the company scheme.
Death in service 4 x base salary.
Critical illness 75% of base salary up to retirement after a qualifying period of 6 months.
Holiday 22 days plus 3 at Christmas; an additional 3 days is granted after 5 years' service and a further 2 days after 10 years' service.
Notice period 1 month.
We have outlined the key steps to our recruitment and selection process below:
Submit your CV to our recruitment partner, Aquista, as soon as you can. You can do this either via the online job site where you originally viewed the advertisement for this opportunity or by email to In all cases your CV will be received and assessed by Aquista, who will respond to you as appropriate.
Reply to any additional questions posed by Aquista. Once Aquista have received your CV in step 1, they will review it and make an initial selection decision. However, to help them make this decision, they may need to email you one or more clarifying questions and we would be grateful if you could email your responses back to them in a prompt manner.
Undertake online ability tests. Once Aquista have received your application form in step 2, they will review it and make a selection decision. Assuming they wish you to remain in the process, they will invite you to undertake two online ability tests; namely one verbal and one inductive reasoning. You will be given the opportunity to practice these tests prior to taking the real versions.
Complete a telephone based interview with Mortgage Brain. Once you have undertaken the online ability tests in step 3, Aquista will review the results and if you have been successful, they will arrange for you to have a telephone based interview with a Software Development Manager at Mortgage Brain. This will likely be 45 minutes long and will comprise a mix of technical and attitudinal/behavioural competency based questions. Aquista will have previously sent you guidance notes on how best to prepare for it.
Attend a face-to-face half-day assessment with Mortgage Brain. Once you have completed the telephone based interview in step 4, Mortgage Brain will review the results and invite the successful candidates to attend a face-to-face half-day assessment at Mortgage Brain's offices in Croydon. This will comprise: a presentation and tour from Mortgage Brain; a competency based interview covering different areas to the telephone interview; a personality profile; a verification test to check that it was you that completed the online tests in step 3; a team based exercise; a buffet lunch; and wrap-up session. Aquista will have previously sent you guidance notes on how best to prepare for this half-day event.
Mortgage Brain will cover your travel expenses.
That's it! Assuming you have successfully progressed through the 5 steps above, we will then invite you to join Mortgage Brain. Obviously we will need to take up references and make the usual academic checks; but once these are complete, we will make formal offers of employment to the successful candidates, which will be subject to attaining a suitable degree classification.