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We all confess to 'checking out' items and companies online before committing, and your customers will be no different.
Add the Mortgage Search plug-in or a Best Buy Table onto your website and position yourself to your website visitors as a more credible and modern professional adviser.
Both will encourage your website visitors to complete an enquiry form and you then receive an email with their details via a data protected lead service. All enquiries are also pre-populated into The Key, our CRM system so that your sales process can be managed efficiently.
The Mortgage Search plug-in on your website asks only 4 questions from your visitors and a number of suitable mortgages are displayed. You can configure the plug-in to show as much or as little information about the mortgages displayed as you wish.
  • Works from your Lender panel
  • Automatically updated products
  • Secure client lead service
  • Enhances your local reputation
  • Only £30 per month plus VAT
  • Fully integrated with The Key and other CRM systems
  • Approved by all major AR networks
The Best Buy table on your website shows your website visitors the best mortgage products currently on the market.
  • A static table designed to fit in your website
  • Automatically updated products
  • Customisable and works with your panel
  • Adds topical functionality
  • Can help to generate leads (an enquiry form can be added)
  • Only £20 per month plus VAT or FREE with the Mortgage Search Plug-in
  • Fully integrated with The Key and available for other CRM systems