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The Key
FREE training from our staff to help you get the most out of The Key. These webinars can be included as part of your CPD requirement should you consider them relevant to your professional development needs.
Please select any one or all of the 5 modules below and book your training session.
If you can't make any of the times available or need to rearrange? Then please email us at or call 0208 665 3200.
Setting up The Key correctly - (30 minutes - eligible for CPD hours)
  • Where to enable disclosure, RWL and a Fact Find
  • How to create users, roles, permissions and restrictions
  • How to add letters, your own DD and RWL
  • How to create GI & Protection links
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Managing your Clients & Leads - (30 minutes - eligible for CPD hours)
  • How to create a client as a lead
  • How to convert a client
  • How to complete a Fact Find
  • How to source a product
  • Return Documents
  • Product Screen
  • How to complete a Protection & GI Fact Find
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Getting the most out of its main features - (30 minutes - eligible for CPD hours)
  • How the product section works for workflow/commission
  • How to use the diary & tasks list - Allocating tasks
  • How to use the pipeline
  • How to review each section
  • How to add contacts and introducers
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Being compliant in The Key - (60 minutes - eligible for CPD hours)
  • How to access a case
  • How to set up compliance parameters
  • Where to view your documents
  • Where to review your sales process
  • Where to extract the required reports
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Adapting The Key to your business needs - (60 minutes - eligible for CPD hours)
  • Your report options
  • Setting up your access rights
  • How to edit and adapt the workflow to your process
  • How to import your clients
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"I found the webinars very informative and easy to follow. Being able to speak with the trainers after the webinar allows us to have any unanswered questions to be answered quickly and easy."
Oliver Callister, Number One Mortgages, Shoreham by Sea
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