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Ultimate Affordability, Criteria and Product Sourcing Solutions

MortgageBrain Classic
Best in class whole of market desktop sourcing -  comparing first and second charge products side by side. Work online and offline, rest assured that the product is always accessible on your desktop. 30 days free trial, with free training. Fully integrated, enabling single data entry, with The Key, our back office compliant system and MTE.
MortgageBrain Anywhere
Renowned online first and second charge sourcing system. Optimised for iPads, tablets, laptops, PCs and Macs. With automatic daily updates and offering ultimate flexible working with a 30 days free trial, and free training. Fully integrated, enabling single data entry, with The Key, our back office compliance system.
Criteria Hub
Uses ground breaking technology to help you quickly and efficiently match the needs of your customers with those of the Lenders e.g. if a client was bankrupted three years ago, has Japanese knotweed or child maintenance etc, the system brings up which lenders will lend and what their criteria is. Free trials available. Integrating soon with both sourcing systems.
Affordability Hub
Affordability Hub collects information on the property, income, debt, and expenditure all within one standardised form and then sends it to lenders' affordability calculators. The results, returned within a minute allow advisers to manage the expectations of customers based on the most up-to-date information available.
For our standalone second charge sourcing solution go to LoansBrain

Multi-Lender Application Platform

MTE - Mortgage Trading Exchange
MTE is FREE and available now. Offering a compliant audit trail, it enables you to submit mortgage applications direct to intermediary Lenders including Nationwide and Virgin Money who account for 34% of UK lending and receive responses typically in less than a minute.
With limited re-keying for re-submission. MTE can be used via a free standing system or integrated into our software, and goes directly into a Lenders' system. With some Lenders only accepting applications through it, you can understand why MTE is a natural choice for all Advisers.
Find out why using MTE is as easy as 1-2-FREE here.
Sign up to a free 20 minute demo now.
Lendex is a free service that allows you to request and obtain decisions in principle and/or submit full mortgage applications to participating lenders, all from one platform. Fast and easy to use, Lendex provides a modern process to digitally complete, submit, and administer cases, whilst maintaining a compliant audit trail.
Lendex is available to all advisers and has major lenders already live on the platform. It is available as a standalone platform, through integration with The Key, and via integration with MortgageBrain Anywhere.

Point of Sale, CRM and Compliance

The Key

The Key

The CRM system with a Client Portal, potentially saving Advisers an hour per case, is the best choice to run your back office, compliantly, securely and efficiently. Try it with our free one month trial.

Offering an end to end process with one login it supports the sale of mortgages, insurance, life and loans, with single data entry, reports and templates, lead generation directly back into system and a myriad of partner integrations.

The Key is integrated with online and offline sourcing systems, MortgageBrain Anywhere, MortgageBrain Classic and MTE, multi-lender application system offering you a complete end to end process with one single login.

With FOC training webinars, videos and support guides why not try it with our free one month trial.

The Key - Client Portal

The Key

Customise your Client Portal with your company branding and offer your clients ultimate flexibility and convenience as they provide information through the Portal.

Smarten up your customers experience using your services and save yourself up to an hour per client when they use the online Fact Find, secure document exchange and messaging plus give them access to case updates 24/7.

Control your clients access to the Fact Find - lock and unlock, capture hard facts prior to any face to face meeting, individual account logins for applicants 1 and 2. Plus now with ConveyancingBrain case updates too.

Used by clients approximately 5,000 times a month, client information transfers directly back into The Key as client data is captured from the client themselves (never to be rekeyed) through smartphones, tablets and computers as and when convenient for them.

To access our alternative CRM system, MortgageStream please go here

Websites and Lead Generation

MortgageBrain B2C

Dedicated to creating new or perfecting existing websites, MortgageBrain B2C offers a flexible and professional service focused on presenting you and your company.

Whether you need a new website or are simply looking to improve your website content, MortgageBrain B2C provides you with an easy to use online solution to present your company professionally. View some testimonials here
Read about how we can help you shout about your business


UKMortgages is our free lead generation mortgage calculator app, website and Amazon Echo Skill used almost 2 million times since launch, bringing potential customers to our mortgage sourcing users.

To feature in the list of advisers, Mortgage Brain sourcing users need to create or update their business entry through the UKMortgages - Find An Adviser entry website page.

Cross Selling Opportunities


BusinessBrain offers you the opportunity to earn extra commission through the sale of additional products either sold separately or as part of the mortgage sales process.

Many of our well-known BusinessBrain partners have integrated their own portals with both our sourcing and back office systems reducing the need for you to re-key information! We've tried to make it as easy as possible to earn yourself extra commission, whilst your customers benefit from great products!

Data Analysis & Lending Solutions

Our product data analysis enables instant comparison across all buyer/product types and splits by different loan to values. The report is configurable to specific lender panels and can be run against criteria of your choice.

Enabling lenders to ascertain competitiveness of current and future product ranges, ensuring their product range is positioned appropriately to meet strategic targets.

"The daily reports we receive from Mortgage Brain provide us with vital insight on the constant fluctuations which influence our competitive positioning in the mortgage market. We've worked closely with Peter and his team to tailor the information to our exact needs and the data we receive each day is scrutinised closely by our mortgage team. A keen awareness of how our rates are sourcing against our key competitors is an essential part of good product management whilst the reports also help provide sound rationale for commercial decisions such as rate changes or product withdrawals. As Mortgage Product Managers, our job would be much harder without the data supplied by the team at Mortgage Brain."

Data Analysis