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MTE - Mortgage Trading Exchange is the original Multi-Lender Mortgage Application platform used by thousands of brokers every day. We've been submitting apps directly into Lenders' systems since 2003.
Over 2 million mortgage transactions processed - FREE!
  • 10 Lenders who account for 60% of UK Lending
  • Regular updates to forms
  • Responses typically in less than 60 secs
  • Free stand-alone version
  • Also integrated with MortgageBrain Classic & the Key
  • Use as part of your digital customer journey
  • Compliant audit trail
  • Same login as Nationwide for Intermediaries
Join our 20 minute 'tea break' information session.
Current Lenders on MTE
Receive decisions from Lenders who account for 60% of UK lending in less than 60 secs and case track all your applications and documentation, with limited rekeying in one place with one login and FREE of charge.
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