2017: A year in review

Enhanced systems, superior industry-leading functionality, our biggest roadshow of Mortgage Vision events yet, plus our milestone 30th birthday party raising money for charity….. How do we begin to review just how great 2017 has been for you and us?

Let’s start with our systems.

You, our valued customer, are at the very epicentre of what we do. That’s why our focus throughout this year – and every year – has been on the enhancements we could make to our products, in order to ensure you are able to make the most of what’s on offer to you, and ensure the mortgage sourcing process is as streamlined and simple as possible.

We began in February with the Key as we launched our secure Client Portal, enabling you and your clients to communicate with each other within the Portal 24/7. It was a move that brought you and your customers closer than ever before, and has allowed increased levels of communications within a highly secure environment.

Our other big announcement this year was our integrated second charge sourcing, which is now available in both MortgageBrain Classic and MortgageBrain Anywhere. The system enhancements broke new ground in our industry, offering the ability to compare as many appropriate first and second charge product side-by-side as you wish.

Provided at no additional cost, the new functionality has since enabled our customers to use both MortgageBrain Classic and, more recently, MortgageBrain Anywhere, unlike any other sourcing systems available on the market.

We also celebrated turning the big 30…

Over 300 of our closest partners joined us in April to celebrate the 30th birthday of Mortgage Brain. Not only did the evening allow us to celebrate the last thirty years in business, but it also meant we were able to raise an incredible £100,000 for our chosen charities: Birmingham Christmas Shelter, Contact the Elderly, Young Dementia, MDS UK Patient Support Group, the Alzheimer’s Society, Shooting Star Children’s Hospice, Compassion International and Haiti Orphanage Project Espwa.

30th birthday

On a fantastic evening of celebration, our CEO, Mark Lofthouse, said: “Reaching our 30th birthday is a significant achievement, and as well as giving us the opportunity to celebrate, it was a perfect opportunity to say thank you to our business partners, friends, colleagues and associates.

“It was also the perfect opportunity to help raise much-needed funds for several great causes and I would like to thank everyone who has helped us raise over £100,000 for charity, which will make a huge difference to the people they help.”

And our Mortgage Vision events were our biggest yet.

We set a new attendance record at our Mortgage Vision roadshow this year, with a 22 per-cent increase an adviser attendance – a new record in our eight-year history of running the annual events.

Almost 1,100 advisers joined us at the free-to-attend events across the UK, learning about the impact of GDPR, the creation of a digital customer experience, and plenty more. The events also include round table sessions from leading industry organisations – a real pivotal part of what makes our events so vital for you to attend.

We didn’t stop there.

This year, we’ve also added to our team to support the company’s growth and product development, reached over 12,000 conveyancing quotes with ConveyancingBrain, seen the 2 million transaction mark reached by Mortgage Trading Exchange (MTE), and announced news about numerous lenders partnering with us.

What does 2018 hold?

For the industry as a whole, GDPR will be at the very top of the agenda, as we all work towards ensuring compliance with the new rules and regulations.

Our Mortgage Vision survey found that the majority of UK advisers are at risk of non-compliance with GDPR, with 81 per-cent of survey respondents still having no implementation of rules or regulations as of November. Our main aim going into 2018 will be educating advisers as much as possible on the importance of GDPR compliance, and ensuring everyone is as prepared as can be as soon as it comes into effect.

The digital advice journey will also take centre stage in the new year and become increasingly important, and we will also be stepping in to ensure you have all the tools you need at your disposal to maximise business opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

We’re also looking forward to even more product enhancements next year, with product investment being at the heart of what we have undertaken in 2017, and a continuing focus for us going forward.

Our biggest and best year yet? That’s up for debate, but we are certainly proud of 2017’s achievements, and we can’t wait to break more new ground and help you be an even more successful adviser next year!

Mortgage Credit Directive is coming

Mortgage Credit Directive is coming…but you are in safe hands!

We’ve all heard about the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) – but how will the changes affect the way you use your Mortgage Brain technology?

In July we revealed that we would be making changes to our systems to accommodate the new requirements. The most important change being that ESIS/KFI+ will replace the KFI. The KFI+ will be compulsory from 21st March 2016, but the KFI will not be phased out completely until 2019 and then it will be replaced by ESIS.

Lenders are expected to be using either KFI+ or ESIS by March next year. The good news is that we will produce both an ESIS and a KFI+ to accommodate. We’ll start releasing the new features early 2016 to make sure all of our customers can stay compliant under the new legislation.

The other change is the launch of our whole-of-market secured loans sourcing website called LoansBrain. Developed in partnership with master brokers, it’ll be free to use and no registration will be required. You’ll be able to access it via a standalone website in the first instance and later on, it will launch it directly from MortgageBrain Classic, MortgageBrain Anywhere and the Key.

Our CEO Mark Lofthouse comments: “We continue to work hand-in-hand with brokers and lenders to provide market leading technology solutions that not only meet but far exceed the basic regulatory requirements.”

We’ll be announcing all the changes and additions in due course, so keep an eye on SimplyBiz news to stay up to date.

You can see more info on MCD on our website press release page.

How switched on is your Mortgage Sourcing software?

mortgage sourcing software

Sourcing systems have come on a long way since Peter Nice built the first one in 1986. But is your current sourcing software offering you full functionality?

Not all systems offer whole of market sourcing and full integration with other systems, allowing you to control the way you view your information. Further key elements and functionality of a switched on mortgage sourcing software are:

1. Ability to view multiple tabs illustrating different client scenarios

Clients want to understand their options and after looking at A, B and C they’ll go back to A again. Using a single tab makes that time consuming and confusing. Using the multiple tab option, which are featured on the newest sourcing systems available, however, allows you to both illustrate the different requirements and retain them.

2. Client searches that can be saved and reloaded

Carrying out research for a client is essential. But it all needs recording and storing. The latest mortgage sourcing systems are capable of saving every different scenario and allow you to reload your searches at a later date.

3. Displaying excluded products

Sometimes a product which you think perfectly matches a client’s criteria isn’t displayed in the results. Today’s systems will display both matching and non-matching products so you can see the reasons for exclusion.

4. Personalisation for best buy schemes

Clients will often ask you about a ‘best buy’ product they have seen advertised. At the touch of button, your sourcing system should allow you to tailor the search results to display all the best buy products to meet a client’s requirements.

5. ‘Standard’ searches that can be stored and applied to your client’s terms

Intelligent sourcing systems save time by allowing you to store a number of searches which can be applied to every client with those needs.

 6. Automatic importing of data from other systems

These days, sourcing systems have improved so much that they can now import information quickly and seamlessly. There’s no reason why you should have to start from scratch and re-key client data.

7. Sourcing overseas mortgages just as easily as those from the UK

Simply select the ‘overseas’ filter – your system should have one – and a list of countries will appear. Choose the one you need and the rest of the process is as if sourcing for a UK mortgage.

8. Source or produce KFIs for withdrawn products

If a product has been withdrawn, today’s systems allow you to easily find it by using the ‘withdrawn’ filter.

9. Manually remove products or schemes

Sourcing systems should allow you to remove products manually by adding your own exclusion options.

10. Source for adverse mortgages

Sourcing systems now provide you with a range of adverse products through the adverse filters option. These filters should help gain and retain clients.

 11. Apply Buy to Let filters to speed up the sourcing process

Today’s sourcing systems allow you to select the BTL filter right at the start, which speeds up the process immensely. Other filters can be applied in the normal way.

12. Displayed and illustrate the effects of changing mortgage payments to your clients

A graphing function is offered by many of today’s systems  which is an excellent visual way of demonstrating the short and long term impact of making such a change.

Our MortgageBrain Anywhere sourcing software is available on the Internet, any time and any place to suit you. It is a whole of market flexible sourcing solution, which we have recently upgraded.

What does the upgrade offer?

  • Improved functionality with user-defined Column Order & Visibility settings (with reset option)
  • Improved optimization so better view for:
  • Devices with smaller screens
  • Users that have their browser zoomed in
  • Data entry tiles now correctly render behind the toolbar buttons.
  • Screen size optimization
  • A cantered log in prompt with better visibility on a small screen.
  • Plus we fixed a number of bugs and made some minor enhancements

Find out, more and take our three month free trial: https://www.mortgage-brain.co.uk/MortgageBrain-Anywhere/

Ultimate flexibility = our suite of whole of market sourcing products.

Online? Offline? On your iPad, PC or Mac – or all three? In your office? Out of your office? You choose! Source any which way, wherever you are and on whichever device you want.

Ultimate flexibility = our suite of whole of market sourcing products.

Plus with 99.9% accuracy and the only company to offer to guarantee its mortgage product information on all its sourcing systems – we’re reliable and accurate!

Need help choosing? Email customerservices@mortgage-brain.co.uk or call our Customer Services Team on 0871 384 0194

Plus free product training…

Calling all iPad and Mac users.

Love your iPad and Mac? Whole of market sourcing for Apple users just became possible: MortgageBrain Anywhere is our NEW sourcing system that’s optimised for Macs! Source anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection.

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Not an Apple fan? You can still use your PC or Android tablet

Use your favourite devices anywhere, anytime. Start a case at home on your laptop, continue on your office computer, pick up the same case later on your iPad with your clients.

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New! MortgageBrain Anywhere. Totally online, whole of market sourcing.

Get your champagne glasses out to welcome the latest addition to the Mortgage Brain sourcing family – truly flexible ‘whole of market’ sourcing on the internet, MortgageBrain Anywhere!
Start a case at home on your laptop, continue on your office computer, pick up the same case later on your iPad with your clients.
What’s great about MortgageBrain Anywhere:
• Use it anytime, anyplace, anywhere
• You only need an internet connection
• It’s totally online – so no need to download anything
• Your data is automatically and securely backed up
• Suitable for PCs, iPads, tablets and Macs
• Navigated by touch screen or mouse
• Fast, intuitive and easy to use
• Will integrate with the Key, our compliance system at client level
• An alternative to our traditional sourcing system, MortgageBrain Classic


All the sourcing and sales processing power you can handle with ALL NEW MortgageBrain & the Key

With unrivalled mortgage sourcing and sales processing power, ALL NEW MortgageBrain integrated with the Key is a must have tool for writing business compliantly and easily.

1,000s of Advisers have already harnessed the power of both ALL NEW MortgageBrain and the Key armed with:

• Whole of market sourcing
• Budget Planner and Rate Shock calculations
• Stress testing: clear amber triangles marking unaffordable
• Complete compliance control and much more.

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Earn 4 hours of CPD for an event that is worth attending!

The most informative FREE annual event now in its fifth year…

Earn 4 hours of CPD for an event that is worth attending!

MortgageVision2014 returns for the 5th year running, these FREE events offer the opportunity for Advisers to engage and network with peers, experts, Lenders and earn up to four hours CPD.

Mortgage Vision 2014 is supported by Aldermore, AMI, Bright Grey, Fluent Money, IFAConveyancing, Nationwide, Mortgage Brain, Santander, Source, TMA and Virgin Money.

Mortgage Vision 2014 begins in London 9th October 2014 then travelling around the country with eight dates and venues ending in Leeds on 26th November 2014.

Click here for more information and to book your place.

Follow the event live on Twitter #MortgageVision2014.

We’re ready for your working summer… Shades, Sun Tan Lotion and iSourceMortgages for iPad.

Whether you’re in the office, out with clients or enjoying the sunshine this summer, iSourceMortgages is a great portable and professional tool to use whilst out and about. With whole of market sourcing, on and offline calculators and secure client data storage, you have everything in the bag.

It’s easy to use and designed to be customer friendly.

Use iSourceMortgages:

• Specifically during the initial point-of-sale process
• To conduct quick and thorough whole-of-market mortgage searches
• Offline with access to eight mortgage calculators
• To collect and save your client information securely
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If it’s called a laptop, why is it giving you backache?

What if there was a mobile app that gave you whole-of-market mortgage product information on your slimline, lightweight iPad? There is…

It’s called iSourceMortgages and it’s the industry’s only pre-sales mortgage sourcing app brought to you by Mortgage Brain.

iSourceMortgages can be used:

• Specifically during the initial point-of-sale process
• To conduct quick and thorough whole-of-market mortgage searches
• Offline with access to eight mortgage calculators
• To collect and save your client information securely

Download iSourceMortgages on your iPad from the App Store