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The Key is a powerful sales, CRM, and case management system that helps advisers streamline their processes across mortgages, insurance, life, and loans by performing multiple tasks efficiently and most importantly, compliantly.
As a purpose built solution for the mortgage industry, The Key surpasses the capabilities and functionality of standard CRM systems helping you to unlock opportunities with simple, time-saving features such as a client facing platform with an online Fact Find, extensive reporting functionalities, and customisable templates with merge fields that can be pre-populated.

User-friendly Fact Find

The Client Portal is an online Fact Find built into The Key that takes information input by the client and feeds it directly into the system meaning no re-keying of data and greater accuracy. Saving you up to an hour per case, it leaves you more time to do the more important things you want to do, like giving clients advice.
Why The Key?
  • Works on or offline, wherever you are
  • All data securely backed-up in the cloud
  • Easily track fees and commission
  • Extensive management reporting
  • Customisable to suit your brand and business

Flexibility through system integrations

The Key has full integration with product sourcing solutions MortgageBrain Classic, MortgageBrain Anywhere, and once launched, with the multiple application and submission platform Lendex too This allows you to transfer customer information directly from The Key into those solutions to minimise the re-keying of information.
In addition, it is designed to support API integrations to enable you to bring your internal systems together to maximise productivity and reduce your time spent moving between systems to update information.