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Submit multiple mortgage applications seamlessly with Lendex

Lendex, now in pilot, will make mortgage application and submission more efficient and compliant when launched during 2020. This flexible free online solution provides decisions direct from multiple Lenders in under a minute.
There is no need to log into individual Lender websites, Lendex submits AIPs and FMAs directly to all participating Lenders' back office systems with just one log-in and enables submission, applications, and tracking of outstanding and current cases, all from one screen.
Lendex, when fully launched, will be free and available as an integrated or a standalone solution. The integration with our back office system, The Key will be available first followed by an integration with online sourcing solution MortgageBrain Anywhere and then finally offline sourcing solution, MortgageBrain Classic.
Benefits when launched will include:
  • One place, one login, multiple Lenders
  • Use standalone or integrated with sourcing and back office systems
  • Responses in no time at all
  • Pilot with 4 Lenders increasing in number when launched
  • Compliant audit trail with full case tracking
  • Submissions directly into Lenders' systems
  • No need to rekey client details for resubmission
  • Choose from standalone or integrated versions
  • Latest, up-to-date and accurate Lenders' forms
  • Pending integrations with back office compliant
Why not try it for yourself? Take part in our pilot and discover how Lendex can make your business more productive. Simply email the pilot team at