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Release v5.5.20 Update: Paymentshield integration
Learn how to use the Paymentshield integration within The Key in this updated release.
How to use the Paymentshield Integration
Latest release v5.5: Brand your Client Portal, Delete older documents, and Branch Level additions
  • Add your own company branding to the Client Portal
  • Delete older sales / documents from a client
  • Create branch level 'Reason Why Letter' templates
  • Use the new enhanced texting functionality:
    • At branch level
    • For status action
    • For marketing mailshots
PLUS we have made enhancements to prepare The Key for a future integration – watch this space!
Details about v5.5
Previous release v5.4: Changes and enhancements in light of GDPR
  1. New Consent Manager replaces the Data Protection Act options
    1. Ability to record processing & marketing consent via various channels
    2. Agreement is automatically dated
    3. Reminder to confirm/update consent for subsequent sales
  2. Enhanced data deletion functionality
    1. New bulk deletion option
    2. Audit record of deletion activity
  3. Enhanced data export functionality
    1. Industry standard formats used
    2. Audit record of export activity
  4. Updated and enhanced Fact Find
    1. Amendment of dependants' details
    2. Ability to record current mortgage rental income, assets & more
  5. Enhanced and updated functionality within the Client Portal & Fact Find
More info on v5.4 Consent Summary Example Document